[THR] DRM Revival Group 5 at Hockenheim

cars DRM Revial Group 5 Mod:https://www.drm-modding-team.com/ [THR] skinpack We have tons of beautiful custom skins from our members.You can find and download them here:https://thracing.de/thr-skinpack/If you want to make your own skin and race it in THR races, have a look here:https://thracing.de/community/custom-skins/ track The race will be held on Sergio Loro┬┤s vintage Hockenheim.https://sellfy.com/f3classictracks/p/fqKN/Extra Pitboxes Update:https://mega.nz/file/3gdyiQoK#HdPRDeUpavnCxCgcvcZY5wwP0CqCVM1MVnZSKZGCc4c race … Continue reading [THR] DRM Revival Group 5 at Hockenheim