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Lada Learner Loop

We have something new for you.

So far we offer beside the Weekday Race on Wednesday the Practice Races on Saturday and the Main Races on Sunday.

Some of you have asked us if we can offer something in between that has a low entry barrier.

The Orga Team got together and started the LADA Learner Loop.
(Ok, the name probably could have been cooler 😉 )

The idea is that this is a 24/7 server [THR2] on which the Lada 2101 and the Lada 2105 are waiting for you in the pit lane.
There will be a 10 minute qualifying session and a 20 minute race in a continuous loop.

The tracks will change weekly.

There will be no fixed race times. Instead we have created a new channel in Discord #lada-learner-loop where you can make appointments for races.

To help you to find race dates and times, we start a poll at the beginning of each week.

We'll keep track of whether you enjoy the format over the next few weeks.
Feel free to give us feedback on what we can change.

Oh, to not forget this: The servers are open to the public. Maybe this will attract one or the other vintage enthusiast 😉

Let´s have some fun!

Lada 2101
Lada 2105