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The 1960s were an exhilarating and transformative period in the world of motorsports. During this decade, GT (Grand Touring) car racing witnessed a golden era that still holds a special place in the hearts of racing enthusiasts. The combination of legendary cars, talented drivers, iconic tracks, and groundbreaking technological advancements defined the greatness of GTC racing in the 1960s.

Lets race back to the 1960s with THR!

The first THR GTC 60s championship was a huge success and Evgeny has made a "monument" of the Championship with his Cinematic!

THR has set everything up for a great championship to attract a lot of drivers with this combination of cars and tracks!

Server THR 2 is already online for testing the different cars at Goodwood!

All the needed information about the championship can be found here.

We travel from France to England and race on the challenging track if Brands Hatch.

Brands Hatch is a motor racing circuit in England that has been used since 1926.
It is known for its challenging curves and its natural amphitheatre atmosphere. Brands Hatch hosted 12 Formula 1 Grand Prix between 1964 and 1986.

The Formula 1 race in 1970 was the British Grand Prix, which took place on July 18th. It was the seventh race of the championship and was won by Jochen Rindt, who drove a Lotus 72. He started from pole position and led almost the entire race, despite having problems with his rear wing. He won with a four-second margin over Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme. The British Grand Prix was an exciting and dramatic race that thrilled many spectators. It was also the last time that Brands Hatch hosted Formula 1 until 1983.

More info can be found in the #f70-announcements channel in our THR Discord:

We travel from the Netherlands to France and enter the famous trackside of the Le Mans Circuit.
But we don´t race the full circuit.

Instead we race the awesome Bugatti Circuit made by our member @Phil Noobson#4636 .

The Bugatti Circuit is a permanent race track located within Circuit des 24 Heures and named after Ettore Bugatti. It was constructed in 1965 with a length of 4.185 km and uses a part of the larger circuit and a separate, purpose-built section. The circuit was used for the 1967 French Grand Prix, though it would prove to be the only time the Formula One World Championship would use the circuit. Therefore the lap record is a 1:36.700 min by Graham Hill in a Lotus 49.
The circuit still exists and is the current host of the French motorcycle Grand Prix.

@Phil Noobson says:

I wanted to drive the full 1967 f1 Championship but the Bugatti Circuit was the only track missing. So I asked WooChoo if he is planning to make this layout for his "Le Mans 1967" track. He said no but gave me permission to try to make it.
I started research and learned a little blender (thanks to Blender Guru and LilSki for the great youtube tutorials and the whole forum).
My claim was to put as much love in it as possible with blender skills close to zero.

Contrary to this reserved assessment, the track turned out great.
Many thanks for the many hours you have invested in this project.
Let´s celebrate Phil´s Bugatti!

More info can be found in the #f70-announcements channel in our THR Discord:

Our second Easter Break Race takes us to Italy.

The car we race:
The Maserati 250F is a legendary racing car that was designed for Formula One racing in 1954. The car's lightweight and aerodynamic design, powerful engine, and innovative suspension system helped make it one of the most successful racing cars of its time. The 250F won numerous races and championships.

In 1954, the car won its first race at the Monaco Grand Prix, driven by Juan Manuel Fangio. Fangio would go on to win the World Drivers' Championship that year, with the 250F contributing significantly to his success.

The car continued to dominate the racing scene in the following years, with drivers such as Stirling Moss, Jean Behra, and Mike Hawthorn all achieving success behind the wheel of the 250F. The car won a total of eight Grand Prix races in 1956 alone, cementing Maserati's reputation as a premier manufacturer of high-performance automobiles. The car's success on the track helped to establish the company as a major player in the world of motorsports, and its impact can still be felt today.
The car's lightweight and aerodynamic design set the standard for future Formula One cars, influencing the development of modern racing cars to this day.

The track we race:
In the 50s, the Monza race track had a total length of 10.1 km (6.3 mi) and featured a combination of fast straights and challenging corners. The oval section of the track, known as the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, was 4.25 km (2.64 mi) long and was characterized by its high-speed banking. This section of the track was used in conjunction with a more traditional road course layout to create a unique and challenging circuit.

The oval section of the track was viewed with a mixture of excitement and trepidation by teams and drivers. The high-speed banking presented a unique challenge, as cars would be traveling at speeds of over 250 km/h (155 mph) for extended periods of time. This put a great deal of stress on both the cars and the drivers, as they had to maintain high levels of concentration and control at all times.

Despite these challenges, the Monza race track remains an iconic circuit in the world of motorsports, and its still unique layout continues to test the skills of the world's best drivers.

Track download: (It is a Kunos track, but you need this pitboxes upgrade.)

Server THR |1| is up for testing the cars.
Server THR |5| is for your Qualifying laps.

You can race qualifying laps from Monday to Sunday at any time.
(I will close the Qualifying when I have time on Sunday. So the end of Qualifying may vary on this day.
Please take this in account and don't race your laps just before the end.)

Only the best laps per driver on THR5 will be used to create the starting grid.

Registration is open and can be done via the links in our #available-slots Discord channel.
or via the following link:

Our first Easter Break race takes us to Australia.

Mount Panorama is a motor racing track located in Bathurst (New South Wales). It is commonly referred to as just "Bathurst" by motorsport fans and is known for its challenging layout, steep elevation changes, and stunning scenery.

The track is 6.213 km long and features 23 turns, with a maximum gradient of 16%. It was first built as a scenic drive for tourists in the early 1900s and was later turned into a race track in 1938.

Today, the track hosts a number of high-profile motorsport events, including the Bathurst 1000, which is widely regarded as one of the premier touring car races in the world. The Bathurst 12 Hour endurance race for GT3 and other sports cars is also held each year.

Mount Panorama is known for its fast and flowing nature, and is a favorite of drivers and fans alike.
With the circuit winding its way through hills and valleys, and providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

The cherry on the cake is that we'll be racing one of your favorite mods at Bathurst.

The DTM 90s

Track download link:

Server THR |1| is up for testing the cars.
Server THR |5| is for your Qualifying laps.

You can race qualifying laps from Monday to Sunday at any time.
(I will close the Qualifying when I have time on Sunday. So the end of Qualifying may vary on this day.
Please take this in account and don't race your laps just before the end.)

Only the best laps per driver on THR5 will be used to create the starting grid.

Registration is open and can be done via the links in our #available-slots Discord channel.


T Muttram
Jake Feimster
Tyler van Beek

Qualifying Results
Detailed Race Results

Race Report

Welcome to Zandvoort, the iconic track that has been a favorite among racers since its opening in 1948. Yesterday, we took a trip back in time to 1970, as the THR Vintage Simracing Community hosted a race at this legendary circuit. The community drove the Formula 1970 cars, which gave us an exciting and challenging race.

The qualifying session saw Florian Masse claim pole position with an impressive lap time of 01:16.1200, closely followed by Simone Porcu (who drove over 600 laps during the qualifiyng week) and T Muttram in second and third positions, respectively.

As the race began, the roar of the engines echoed across the track, and the drivers made their way towards the first corner. Masse got off to a good start and stayed in the lead. In the following 20 laps, Masse and Muttram fought for position one and due to there different setups Masse faced troubles with his tyres much earlier. After an exciting battle T Muttram, overtook Masse in the Hugenholtzbocht.

Meanwhile, Florian Masse suffered a setback after he decided to get new tyers from the pits and had to settle for sixth place, while Simone Porcu and Elia Porcu had a close battle for the second position, with Jake Feimster, Tyler Van Beek, and Carlo Pedersoli not far behind.

As the laps went by, Muttram continued to lead the race, setting an impressive pace and extending his lead. Feimster and Van Beek also showed impressive pace, steadily moving up the field and challenging the Porcu brothers for the podium positions.

In the end, it was T Muttram who crossed the finish line first, after 46 laps of intense racing. He took the checkered flag with a time of 01:00:49.7820, having led for 25 of the race's laps. Feimster finished in second place, 18.602 seconds behind Muttram, with Van Beek claiming the final podium position, a further 17.136 seconds behind Feimster.

Carlo Pedersoli and Pitman completed the top five, while Florian Masse finished in sixth place after experiencing some issues with his car. It was a thrilling and exciting race, showcasing the skills and dedication of the THR Vintage Simracing Community.

Zandvoort, with its fast and flowing corners, proved to be an ideal setting for this vintage race, and the Formula 1970 cars were perfectly suited to the track. With such a talented group of drivers, the race was always going to be an exciting affair, and it certainly lived up to expectations. Congratulations to T Muttram on his well-deserved victory and to all the drivers who participated in this fantastic event.

Live stream from the race

Quotes from our members race reports

What an amazing battle! 30 minutes of nose to tail battling until I finally got into a position to make a pass stick.
Around the outside of Tarzan none the less!

Tim Muttram

what a nightmare this race was… Congrats @Tim you managed your setup and the race perfectly

Florian Masse

Puh, that was the hardest race since a long time.
I have headaches since yesterday and it was so difficult to stay concentrated under this conditions.
I am glad that I was able to finish (on P5) with the dead tyres.


I really enjoyed how the tires behaved towards the end of the race.

Simon Meisinger

Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
F1 1970 Championship

The 2023 season of historic Assetto Corsa simracing at THR started on 22nd January 2023 with the biggest endurance race in THR history. An enormous field of 72 drivers from 7 communities shared 36 Group 3 GT cars of the mid-1960's and embarked on a grueling 4 hour race.

A huge thank you goes out from the entire THRacing team to our friends and fellow competitors from:

  • Americas Sim Racing League (ASRL)
  • Cockpit Racing Simulation (CRS)
  • Classic Vintage Racers (CVR)
  • VintageAC (VAC)
  • Virtual Racing e.V. (VR)
  • virtueller Asphalt (vA)

Special thanks in particular go to Virtual Racing for hosting both live streams, to Dennis & Thomas for narrating the German live stream, and to Microlin100 & Alfoyb for narrating the English live stream. ALL OF YOU made this evening special for us!

[Continue reading for the full report on the event with plenty of screenshots, videos & official results]

...continue reading "Official Report: THR 4-Stunden-Rennen Deutschlandring 2023"

After 3DRAP provided us with a Lotus 49 Vintage Wheel for the winner of the raffle from the participants of the 4th Anniversary Race, they offered another great prize for our 3rd Endurance Race.

Short after crossing the finish line, we had a raffle in which all the teams that finished the race were allowed to participate.
The raffle couldn´t have been more exciting!

Look who has won!

Thanks to 3DRAP for the great prize!!!

The Qualifying for 3rd Endurance - 4 Hours Race at Deutschlandring has been closed.
These are the final results and also show the starting grid for today´s event!

In preparation of these event the participating drivers burned 5.505 laps into the asphalt of the Deutschlandring. Given that a lap measures exactly 10 km you circumvented the earth more than 1 1/4 times.

That´s stunning!

Same applies to the incredible laptimes!

It will be fun to watch while not being in the car.
Here are the links to the live broadcast.

Link to the English Live Broadcast of the THR 4-Hour-Race Deutschlandring:

Link to the German Live Broadcast of the THR 4-Stunden-Rennen:

Don´t forget to share the Live Streaming Links.

Thanks for participating in our 3rd Endurance Race!
We wish you an awesome experience a great race and a lot of fun!

Incredible thanks to:

  • Fat Alfie for this amazing track
  • Bazza and his Team for the awesome cars
  • Virtual Racing for hosting the streams
  • Microlin and his friend for commentating the english stream
  • Guido and Dennis for commentating the german stream

Last but not least I want to say thank you to our THR Orga Team. We exchanged more than 4.000 messages in our Orga Discord channel to set up and organize this event. We have not counted the invested hours, but I bet that we would be scared about. We hope everything works out as planned. Let´s have some fun!!!

THR hosts a STOCK CAR Championship, beginning on February 5th, 2023. Our drivers can expect an authentic and thrilling racing experience. The championship will feature the 90s Stock Car, updated by LilSki, and take place over six race weekends on some of the most iconic tracks of the era.

One of the most exciting storylines of the 1990 NASCAR season was the intense rivalry between Dale Earnhardt and Rusty Wallace. The two drivers engaged in a fierce battle for the championship, with Earnhardt ultimately coming out on top, winning his fourth NASCAR Cup Series championship.

As THR's NASCAR Championship revives the exciting moments of the 1990 NASCAR season, fans will have the opportunity to relive the intense rivalries and dramatic finishes.

With the updated 90s Stock Car by LilSki, the use of "Dynamic Restrictors App" and the iconic tracks, the championship will be a true throwback to the golden era of the NASCAR and will hopefully provide an authentic and realistic racing experience on the SuperSpeedways.

'Gentlemen, start your engines'