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Valentin Knechtel

Detailed Race Results

Live stream from the race:

Quotes from our members race reports

So close Maddie, one more lap and you would've got me.


well done podium, flashor you must have worked hard to get that. very close margar and valentin.


Great race all - that was intense. Especially that 4-way fight with Maddie, Gilvil and Andi - holy crap!


Thanks all for the great race. The track is unbelievably intense!


Oh mate it was amazing in that midfield! Shame I bottled it in the hairpin haha.


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
ACL GTC Championship


Simone Porcu
Maddie Shepherd
Stefano Bucci

Detailed Race Results

Live stream from the race:

Quotes from our members race reports

Congrats Simone, Maddie and Stefano! The First Race i wished for 15 minutes more franglais

Phil Noobson

congrats to the poduim, great race from what i saw


Nice fight Philip. I should have covered the inside line when you overtook me.


i think some of the driving was pretty good


I really ejoyed the race today


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:


Valentin Knechtel
Andi Stangl

Detailed Race Results

Live stream from the race:

Quotes from our members race reports

Great race guys!

Dani Martinez

Almost top 5, but I always seem to get sloppy towards the end unfortunately.


Cool race, thanks all!


Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
ACL GTC Championship

After a short christmas break, we get back into our cars.

On next weekend we race the AC GTC Championship event in Mexico.

Detailed information about cars, tracks, qualifying, races, etc. can be found here:

Server THR |1| THRacing | is open to test the different cars.

Server THR |5| QUALI+RACE | awaits your qualifying laptimes.

To be able to join the qualifying server and the races on the upcoming weekend, you have to register your slot here:

The bot in the #available-slots channel in Discord inform about the remaining slots.

2021 was also different from what we all imagined.
Corona still cuts us off from many of the things we were used to.

Fortunately, THR was almost unaffected by the restrictions.
Therefore we were able to offer some normality and at least on the weekends we were able to pursue our favorite racing activity.
Throughout the year, we had a very good participation in our races!

And it was another exciting year for THR.
We have exceeded the number of 1.000 members in Discord.
Our Youtube Channel has 285 followers. (btw > can we reach 300 until the end of the year?)
More than 300 users have subsribed to our website, and 294 people follow our Facebook News.

We have had many great races, celebrated our third anniversary and fought some championships.

The anniversary races (Event 1, Event 2) felt really good and they will certainly be remembered longer by the participants.

Currently, we are still in the midst of two championships (GPL 5 and AC GTC) that we won't wrap up until mid-February.

Our fixed schedule:

What will come after that?
I don't know exactly yet, but the 1975 Formula 1 cars from Bazza, the IMSA cars from VRC and the TransAm Pack from Bazza could play a role.

ServerManager has helped me reduce the workload a bit, but THR still means a lot of work for me.
It sometimes feels like a "burden" to set up races every week and plan throughout the year, but overall it feels like it's still worth it.

So, I would like to take this opportunity again to thank you all.
The community is still growing and it's a lot of fun with you!

Many thanks to you for being a member of THR.

I wish you happy holidays and a happy, healthy new year 2022!

See you on track next year!

On last weekend we drove the second event of our THR 3rd anniversary races.
We drove the 90s NASCARS at Daytona.

It was intense but a great experience for everyone.

Both on Saturday (practice events) and Sunday (main events) we had exciting races.
Before I write something about the races I want to thank:

  • Dave Esotic for his great Dynamic Restrictors plugin
  • Timo One for lending us the server
  • Flashor and margar17 for driving the pace car
  • the racers from ASRL, VAC, GTFR, AOR, HRL, etc. (you made it special!)
  • all race participants who made it an exciting experience

Saturday - practice events - 3 races - 30 minutes each

Race 1

Was a bit chaotic, cause some racers had not read the information (e.g. Narwhals guide) and unfortunately not all racers were in the voice chat. pitman won the race under yellow flags, Kimmo Katajamäki and Happy Kojot finished on P2 and P3, but we don´t count this race 😉

Race 2

This race was way better. We agreed on some rules to make it easier and the missing drivers joined the voice chat.
15 minutes before the end pitman found himself on position 1 after Narwhal had to enter the pits under yellow.
From that moment on pitman managed to stay on P1, but in the last lap 5 drivers were very close and had a chance to win the race. Yannis and Narwhal were on the upper and pitman, SimonOfTheDersert and Rolf Biber on the lower line.
Narwhal then tried to give Yannis a bump and push him to the front, but the bump went wrong and Narwhal, Yannis and Simon were involved in the accident.
pitman was able to win the race unchallenged ahead of Rolf Biber and Samuli Seppänen.


Race 3

It was the first race in which Dave Esotics Dynamic Restrictors Plugin showed it´s full potential.
1 1/2 laps before the end Rolf Biber lost his partner Happy Kojot and his slipstream. He was still 2 seconds in front, but now he was alone.
In the pack behind pitman, margar and Narwhal stayed in a line and got the full slipstream benefit.
With 1 lap to go, Rolf was still 1.3 seconds ahead. But the chasing pack narrowed the gap.
Right before the finish line, pitman drove next to Rolf and passed him with a lead of +00:00.0130 and won the race. margar17 finished 3rd > Incredible!

Really close finish of Race 3:

Sunday - main events - 2 races - 45 minutes each

Based on the Practice races, we modified a few rules.
- formation lap: Drivers stay in two lines
- restart after SC phase: Drivers stay in a single line
- no SC phases in the last 5 minutes of the races

Race 1

With the learnings from Saturday we had a phenomenal race.
During the first 30 minutes we had everything. 22 cars on track, battles, crashes, SC phases, pitstops, etc.
Then HappyKojot had a lag spike which lead to a crash and another SC phase.
After 30 minutes, while being under yellow the server had a hickup and all drivers lost the connection. Suddenly after 30 confusing seconds the drivers were back on track. We tried to sort the cars in the right order, but probably we did it not 100% correct. Ready for the next restart, we rolled to the start/finish line to step on the gas when the light turned green.
But HappyKojot had another idea and mixed up the field again.
We needed some more minutes to get going again and in the end we had another 8 minutes left. After another SC phase we had 3 minutes of pure racing.
1 minute before the end pitman got a small bump from Samuli and lost P1 to Simon.
Simon was alone in front 0.7 seconds away. But pitman was in a group with Silber Wolf und Jensen Hasler and they gave each other slipstream. Short before the finishline they closed the gap and pitman moved to the left to sneak through on the lower line, but SimonOfTheDesert defended well and won by 0:00.0510. Another incredible finish. Behind the two, Silberwolf crossed the finish line in third place.

Really close finish of Race 1:

Race 2

The second race on Sunday was also a blast.
After the formation lap we went green and raced for full 20 minutes until the first crash happened and the Saftey Car came out. These 20 minutes were phenomenal. We had some different packs, in which the drivers gave each other slipstream, cars lined up on upper and lower line, position battles and pitstops.
Yep > The time span was so long that the first racers were already getting nervous and drove to the pit stop under a green flag. When the Safety Car came out, all the other drivers cheered cause they got the chance to serve their pitstop under slower SC conditiony.
After that the marga17 and his Safety Cat had to enter the track 3 or 4 times until the 5 minute mark.
4 minutes before the end Stefan Roess was still on postition 13. Remember him.
With 2 minutes left we had a leading group with Samuli Seppänen, Flashor, Mika Hakala, Nat Stevenson, Narwhal and Rolf Biber. Behind them we had a second pack with SimonOfTheDesert, HappyKojot, Ralph van der Meer, willkb2012 and Stefan Roess.
With 1 minute on the clock, both packs got together to form one big pack.
And then 20 seconds before the end it happened.
Narwhal had a lay spike and lost control, taking the whole group with him.
Only Stefan kept a clear head, cleverly avoided the wrecks and was up and away on his own.
Stefan Roess won the race in front of willkb2012 and Ralph van der Meer.

Finish of Race 2:


Congratulations to all the winners, racers who made it to the podium and everyone who participated in these great races. It was a lot of fun to celebrate the third anniversary of THR and we will definitely repeat this kind of races.

Oh, before I forgot that

Thanks a lot for the "great" singing for the anniversary 😉

Ah, and one last thing

It is a tradition in THR that SimonOfTheDesert and Stefan Roess receive a gift from our THR shop for winning the anniversary races.

You want to support THR?

These gifts are only possible cause of the paypal donations and the patreons THR has.
If you like, what we do at THR and if you like to support it, have a look at:

If you want to support on a monthly basis, you can simply use THRs Patreon site:

Follow this link to find all the information you need.

On last Sunday [THR] held his first celebration race around it´s third anniversary.

We drove the GPL Mod at Kyalami 1967. Instead of doing a nomal 60 Minute race (like we are used,to) , we raced 80 laps like they did back in 1967.

It was the second full distance race in THR history. And it was a blast.

What a race...
That was great, but really exhausting!

pitman right after crossing the finish line.

We saw great performances and many fights for positions over the most of the 80 laps.

Every participant did a really good job. We only had two smaller incidents in the first lap and the stream looks amazing, with these many cars.

The top had a good start into the race and Simone outpaced margar and pitman was able to overtake Davide.

On lap 5, margar went alongside Simone on the start-finish straight and passed him into the first turn.
At the beginning of lap 28, Mark Zeidler was 4.5 seconds ahead of margar, but was unlucky when he hit a car, which was a lap down and spun in T1. Mark lost several positions.

Flashor put pressure on pitman, but pitman was able to escape that and settled his fourth place.
However, pitman could not stop the car of Mark Zeidler, who then overtook him again and regained third place.

The podium of the GPL - 68 laps at Monza

Simone Porcu
Mark Zeidler

There are many untold stories from this race. But the spectators got their money's worth.
Congratulations to the winner, the podium finishers and every participant of this great experience!

Prize for the winner of the race

For winning the 3rd anniversary celebration race, Margar will receive a product from our shop!
I will reach out to him in the next days.

Detailed Race Results

Live Stream from Race and Qualifying

Some differences between F1 in 1967 and our THR race

F1 1967THR 2020
Race Total Time2:05:45.901:43:12.230
Fastest Lap Time1:29,901:16.490

We were faster cause of the MOD which could not be 100% correct.
The other reason is that we were more risk-taking, because we didn't have to fear bad injuries or death in case of accidents.

Thank you!

Many thanks to every participant.
It was a great way to celebrate THR´s 3rd anniversary and we will have the next full length GP when we turn 4 years old!

On Saturday the 15th of December 2018 we had our first THR race.
This means that THR will be 3 years old in a few days and we have experienced a lot in these three years:

First Race

Our first race was held with the GPL Mod at Silverstone and we had 4 Racers on track. Our race format in the first weeks was to run as many 20-minute races in a row as we were able to.
Our first regular driver was Ben Barson. Thanks a lot for showing that the community idea was not that bad.

Our AC server

The first races were hosted on Duderei's home server.
But we quickly moved to a professional hoster.
The first entry in our STracker Database is from 2018-12-25.
After that we changed the hoster 2 times until we moved to a rented LinuxMachine (Thanks franglais) which runs the ServerManager and 5 AC-Servers.

Races in THR

Over the 3 years, 691 different drivers have raced on our servers.
They drove 41,344 laps and a lot of kilometers.

We had around 145 official events and many uncounted races around them.
We have completed 13 championships and 2 are still running.
Our former champions can be seen on the Wall of Champions.


The Discord Server has been set up on 2018-12-07.
Our first member besides Dude and me joined on 2018-12-14.
Currently we have 1,025 Members. Some of them are very quiet or bots, but no matter what time of day, there are always around 150 members online.
What I find crazy is that I have written nearly 18,000 messages in Discord.


The Website followed a little later. The first entry is from 2019-01-17.
It contains 171 pages and 237 news and I wrote more than 61,456 Words.
Funfact: You will need around 4 hours to read them all.

To represent our races I have made 104 posters.
Our Website has more than 71,000 visits and more than 270,000 views.

The most successfull page ist the news page with 37,764 views, followed by the GPL Mod page with 27,995 views.


Nearly 1 year after our foundation we started our Youtube-Channel on 2019-02-17.
At first we started with a short PromoVideo which was made by Bo Stamper.
Another year later we started to stream our races and with the help of Klopstick and Ted we produced another brilliant PromoVideo which has been watched 1.133 times since then.
To celebrate the start of our fifth GPL championship, Greg produced another stunning video which has been watched 357 times until today.

The channel contains more than 159 videos/streams and has 280 followers.
It was visited 19,455 times and more than 1.000 hours of our videos were viewed.

Social Media

Besides of the above we have a Facebook site, which get not much attention from our side, but has 306 followers, cause of the website news which get posted on Facebook automatically.
Also an unused Twitch Channel, an equally unused Instagram Account and some other cool things which I might have forgotten.


We opened our own THR shop on 12/21/2022.
The idea behind the store was to send prizes to our championship winners / participants.

Since the opening we have donated 10 prices to our members and on top of that sold around 25 products.
It doesn't sound like much 😉 but those who have ordered are very satisfied with the quality of the products.

By the way, we have a 15% discount for the next to days.
If you plan to buy something and need help with it:

Organizational but cool things

In the last year we have implemented some very cool things:

  • ServerManager
    > We use it beyond its proper limits, but it works great.
  • THR Race Control
    > Active THR members form a group which checks all first lap incidents and the ones which get reported.
  • Change of our race format
    > Coming from 20 minute races, we implemented a weekday qualifying and switched to 60 minute races.
  • WKDY Races
    > We implemented races which happen on Wednesdays. The combinations of track and car are community based.
  • THR Academy
    > It is in it´s early stages, but we want to support newcomers who are not yet familiar with the vintage cars.
  • THR is present at
    > Simracing seem to be an interesting alternative to our own server, but currently it is limited. Let´s see where it goes.
  • etc., etc.

Special Thanks

I want to send out a very special thank you to the members of the Orga - Group.
You take work from me and support me in thoughts regarding the developement of THR and you help me to find good decisions.
You are a great help for me!!!

I would also like to thank the members of THR Race Control. Most members do not see how much time the members of Race Control invest.
It's great that you guys take the job so seriously!

Many thanks also to the Flashor, franglais and Greg who plan and set up the WKDY races.
We had a lot of fun in the races, keep up the good work!

A special thanks also to Greg for creating such great THR videos last year.
I always enjoy watching the promo videos and the hits and comments show how good they are!

And I bet I forgot to mention other supporters.
Therefore, I thank everyone who has supported THR's work.

The most important part of THR > YOU

But the most important thing is the community that has grown up around THR.

I could never have imagined where we have arrived today (after 3 years), but it is still fun to invest time in THR.
It is fun to be connected with you and to race with you.

It was/is an honor to meet some people who are very well known in the world of simracing.
For example Sergio Loro, Bazza, Dave Esotic, Fat-Alfie, Ilja aka x4fab, Chris Haye, Sir Spats Gaming, LilSki and many others.

THR eats tons of hours, but it still feels like a success story.
I think we have established ourselves very well in the simracing scene.
I know that this only works cause of our members and it works cause I got support from you.
It is also nice to see, that you help each other in Discord and that you respect each other.
I appreciate that very much!

I would also like to thank those who have made a donation via Paypal or started to be a Patreon of THR!
That's phenomenal!

Thank you very much for helping me, for racing with us and for being a part of [THR]!

Your [THR] pitman

I plan to celebrate the 3rd birthday and here is how:

click on the image to find detailed information

Detailed information on both races will be published in the next days.
The servers for the first THR anniversary race are open...
- THR |1| for testing the different GPL cars
- THR |Quali + Race| for you qualifying laptimes

Registration can be done here:

What I wish for the THR´s 3rd anniversary?

It would be awesome if we manage to have 2 races with full starting grids and a lot of race action and fun.
Besides of that, it would be great if THR continues to grow like this and we can celebrate the next anniversary in a year!

Upcoming Schedule

We will postpone the GPL and TCL championship for the birthday races and as usual we will have a short christmas break.


Simone Porcu

Detailed Race Results

Live stream from the race:

Quotes from our members race reports

Congratulations to Simone for the great race and congratulations to the podium


It was painful to race with a lumbago, but I'm really glad I did it....


A very good race. Thanks again to everyone who made it happen.

Steve Hayward

Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link: