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Recommended Safety Apps

Car Radar (v1.52)
It´s an app that show the cars around you.
That make sense, cause in simracing your field of view, is smaller than in reality.

Custom Shaders Patch built in Car Radar

You can activate it within Custom Shaders Patch and customize it in game.

It is a standalone program which simulates a crew chief and a spotter.
The spotter always gives you information, when another racer is close to your car.
The crew chief gives infos about laptimes, gaps, ect. and he can be asked for damage report, fuel usage and many more.

Viewable flags for VR-racers
Just copy your specific flags folder to ....Steamsteamappscommonassettocorsacontentgui
and replace the default flags folder.

The pack depends on your monitor (or downsampled) width resolution:

- RESOLUTION=1920x1080 choose 1920p pack; etc

Track Map Display
This app is a replacement for KUNOS map display, always showing the whole map of the track with all the cars.

Track Map Display helps a lot to check, if other cars are aproaching when:
- you leave the pits
- had an incident and try to get back on track