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Catalog of Penalties

  • The following applies only to the championship race days on which points are awarded.
  • For unreported incidents, the catalog of penalties will not be applied.
  • The penalties will be imposed after the incident review process which helps to define the causer of the incident.
  • The penalties will be imposed for the race in which the incident occurred.

In some cases there might be mitigating and intensifying factors for racing accidents:

- trying to prevent worse
- bad luck
- taking deliberate risks
- aggressive driving
- intentional

Big Start crash (more than two cars suffered a disadvantage)
- 5 Positions

Pile up caused (more than two cars suffered a disadvantage)
- 4 Positions

Start crash (Opponent got hit and lost time or position)
- 3 Positions

Divebombing into the Opponents car
- 2 Positions

Optimistic Overtaking (Opponent got hit and lost time or position)
- 1 Position

Bad Defending (defending the own position against the rules)
- 1 Position

Ignoring Blue Flags
- 1 Position

Unsafe exit from the pits
- 1 Position

Unsafe re-entry on the racing line after an accident
- 1 Position

Illegal use of Teleport back to pits or ESC
Disqualification for the race

Intentional / rude behavior
complete Server and Discord Ban

  • To support the learning process, the number of lost positions are counted as penalty points.
  • If a driver reaches 6 penalty points, he has to start from the pit on the next race weekend of the same championship. (If there are two races on that race day, this applies to both races).
  • The penalty points will be deleted after 3 race days in the same championship without any new penalty.