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THR and 3DRAP = perfect fit

Imagine doing SimRacing in a community where only vintage cars are driven on iconic tracks.
Imagine racing a Lotus 49, a Ferrari 312, a Lotus 98T or a McLaren MP4/4 - cars from the most iconic eras of racing history.
Still this has one immersion-breaking flaw: the wheel in your hands is a modern standard 30 cm wheel.

And now imagine that it could be different / it could be just right…

And this is where 3DRap comes into play!

Besides other fields of activity, 3D Rap offers high quality SimRacing products, such as Pedals, Shifters, Handbrakes, Wheels, Mods, etc.

But the products which fit best to what we do at THR is the awesome vintage wheel collection which can be used with Logitech (G25 / G27 / G29 / G920), Thrustmaster (T500rs / T300rs / TX / TS-PC / T-GT), OpenSimWheel and Fanatec (Podium- / Clubsport- / CSL- HUB).

Because of the vintage rims that 3DRAP makes, we had some nice talks over the past weeks and have entered into a partnership, that we are very excited about.

3DRAP has offered us several prizes in the past (vintage steering wheels [MOD.49 steering wheel], vouchers) and has already announced further prizes for upcoming events.