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Events / Races

I seem to be missing a car or track to join the server, what to do?

Check in Content Manager the Server Details and scroll down. Download links for tracks and cars are usually provided there.
Alternatively check the THR Schedule, where we share the links to detailed event information, including download links and installation instructions.

In case you are looking for a track or car that is not used in any session on our server right now you might check here for tracks:
and here for cars:

I receive a "checksum error" when trying to join a session on the server

This means that your locally installed version of the mods does not correspond to the version that is installed on the server. First step should be to reinstall the car and track mods as per the links that are provided in CM on the Server Details page. In case a mod-installation is more complex and instruction is shared in Discord or on our website.
Check the THR Schedule, where we share the links to detailed event information, including download links and installation instructions.
If you can't solve the problem, you can ask in the #mods-app-tracks channel.

How do I book a slot for a race?

Have you registered a slot?
Easiest is, to use the Register-Column in our THR Schedule

I am a new member and would like to join a Sunday championship race
I get the error message "No available slots" when trying to join a server session

Have you booked a slot? See here:

From now to then the server needs to restart, before new bookings are accepted. For the qualifying sessions there is an automated server restart every two hours. #race-info reports automatically when a THR AC server has restarted

How to see the current standings of the week-long qualifying for Sunday's championship race?

Check the Live Timings page of server THR|5| (Main Championship):
Check the Live Timings page of server THR|4| (Casual Cup):

When does the week-long qualifying close before the main event race on Sunday?

As it is a manual process to compile the starting grid based on the qualifying results and as THR is mainly run by family-dads we cannot commit to a fixed time on Sundays, so the quali ends when we have time to compile the results. Usually the qualifying closes earliest 2 hours before race start. Bear in mind that you usually have almost a full week to set a time.

I will not be able to set a quali time for the race on Sunday, will I be able to start?

If you have booked a slot for the race, you will be able to start even without having a valid quali time. Bear in mind that you will be positioned at the end of the grid in that case.

What are competitive times for a car / track combo that THR already raced?
I would like to get a setup for the upcoming car / track combo

Please check #setups, a setup might already be available in the recent messages that are posted. If you are not able to find a setup, simply ask the community in that channel

What were the results of the last race?

Check the results page of the proper server, here for server THR|5|:

How many points do I get for the championship race? What are the championship standings?

Please check this link for the current championships:

Select the proper championship to see the current standings as well as points references allocated to each position

Is THR also using pay-ware mods?

Majority of the AC mods that we are using is available for free. From now to then we also use pay-ware mods. If that is the case, we assure you that we are confident of the quality of the mods and that they are well worth the price. Additionally THR usually receives discount codes from the developers in case we use their mods in our championships. When such mods are used and discount codes are available we communicate them within our Discord channels.

Why do you use adjusted THR-versions of certain tracks?

We create THR version mainly to increase the number of pit-boxes, which allows to run the tracks with larger grids (usually we aim for 34 cars being able to race on single tracks). Besides that we sometimes need to close shortcut options that were not considered by the original author of the track or we improve the track-mash to make the vintage racing experience even more immersive for our racers.

Do I need to be in Voice Chat during THR events?

We do not force drivers to join VC during the races, but we highly encourage you to do so. Before the races we usually share some information with the drivers on the grid. Also please note: we are usually pretty quiet during the race events, so you should not be distracted by any chit-chat. After the race, we usually have a nice post-event chat with the group.

The only event, where it is mandatory to join voice chat is during the THR Academy guided practice sessions, as we are jointly running drills that need to be coordinated


What is THR racing in the upcoming weeks?

Check THR Schedule:

What did THR race in the past:

Custom Race Car Skins

How can I use a custom skin in one of THR's championship races:
I do not see the custom skins from other drivers?

Probably you have not downloaded our skin-pack. Links to skin-packs can be found here: or here #skin-upload and can be copy-pasted into CM


I do not want to miss important Discord messages related to a championship that I am participating in

For each championship you can self-assign a role for yourself. This way, you will be pinged if an important message is posted related to the championship. You can self-assign a role for you here: #role-assignment

Support THR

How can I support THR to cover running costs, like server maintenance or prizes for championships, webhosting or acquisition of hardware to stream the races?

Great! Every support is very much appreciated. You can support us via:

  • Donations
  • Our Patreon program
  • By getting THR merch from our THR Shop

To check all options, please follow this link:

I want to support THR by e.g. joining the Race Control team or testing tracks or BoP of cars for upcoming championships!

Please contact [THR] pitman via DM in Discord.

THR is great, but I have a suggestion to make THR even better

Enter your suggestion here:

All suggestions are reviewed by our orga-group. Feedback for the suggestions is shared in the dedicated channel #feedback-suggestions

Further information can be found on our Info and Help page.
If you still have questions > just ask in the drivers #drivers.