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Welome to THR – Info and Help

My "name" is pitman and I am the founder and one of the Admins of THR.
The idea behind THR was to race the AC GPL Mod against friends on a regular basis. Since then (December 2018) we have grown steadily and I would never have imagined what would develop from that idea.
I welcome you to our community!
The following lines will help you to get to know THR.
See you on track!

Welcome to THR

THR is a community of passionate fuelheads, gentleman drivers, SimRacing enthusiasts who love to race raw, vintage cars. We mostly race in Assetto Corsa - the heart of THR is the GPL Mod for AC (1967 F1 cars), that we regularly race in different championships. Besides that we race all types of F1, touring and GT cars from the most iconic eras of racing history.

Please read the information in this channel, it should answer all of your questions to get started within THR.

Types of events that THR offers

THR Race formats

Main Championship
Main events on Sundays: 1x60min race, qualifying takes place during the whole previous week, so you can set your quali time whenever you want
Saturday practice races: before each main event on Sundays the same car / track combo is used the day before on Saturday, no championship points are allocated for those races. The practice races usually consist of a 30min qualifying session followed by 2x30min races. To spice up matters, for the second race the first ten positions from the first race start in reversed order.

Casual Cup
Same format as the Main Champinship but more Casual.
It´s meant for:

  • the Rookies
  • the ones who need some more practice among other drivers but also want a taste of competition
  • the ones who want to have a more casual race
  • the ones who don´t have enough time to practice hours and hours

Weekday races - WKDY
those usually consist of a 20min quali session and 2x15min races. The second race is usually a reversed grid race

Lada Learner Loop - LLL
The idea is that this is a 24/7 server [THR2] on which the Lada 2101 and the Lada 2105 are waiting for you in the pit lane. There will be a 10 minute qualifying session and a 20 minute race in a continuous loop. The tracks will change weekly. There will be no fixed race times. Instead we have created a new channel in Discord ⁠#lada-learner-loop where you can make appointments for races.

Off Season
During the off-season we offer shorter cup-events with 3-4 races, Fun Events or Time Attacks.

THR Schedule

You want to race with us?

  • All events are directly accessible for any new member of the THR community with the exception of our main championship races on Sundays. Please read here about our onboarding process and how to get eligible to also join our main events on Sundays:
  • Sign up process
    • For Championship events on Saturdays (Practice races) and Sundays (Main championship races) you need to book your slot. Same applies to the WKDY Races.
      Please check #available-slots to find out how many slots are free.
      To book a slot, it is easiest to follow the link in the Register column in our THR schedule
      (as mentioned above, see our onboarding process before you are able to book a spot for the Sunday race - sign up for Saturday races is open for everybody)
    • All other events are usually configured as pick-up events, so you simply need to "join" the server when the session goes live.
  • Rules, Race Control and Incidents
    • THR has a Race Control with Stewards, who help to clarify incidents which can´t be clarified between the opponents.
      If during a championship race on Sunday you are involved in an incident, please follow our incident review process as outlined here:
    • In case a driver is judged to be responisble for an incident, our Race Control will call a penalty based on our penalty catalog as outlined here:
  • Custom Skins for championship races

Interaction with the community in Discord

The main communication between our community members happen in Discord.
Follow this link to find us:

We have several channels to support and structure different types of discussions.

Among others these are:

#drivers - everything about THR and our races

#off-topic - all chit-chat not strictly related to THR

#academy-chat - everything about the THR Academy, about improving driving skills and racecraft

#setups - sharing and discussing setups

#hotlap-check - you want to ask feedback how to improve your laptime, post a video or a replay-file here. Also a place for fast drivers to share a video or a replay file of a hotlap to support others getting up to speed

Please do not hesitate to join our discussions.

#introduce-yourself - the place where you can share some info about you as we are really eager to know who is racing with us

Sources of information


  • Allows our community members to review historic laptimes achieved on our servers:

Live Timings

while sessions are running, you can always check, what is going on on the server, standings, laptimes and even a live position of other drivers:

YouTube channel

Streams of almost all of our races can be found on our YouTube channel:

Every "Like" and every "Subscription" is highly appreciated

THR AC Servers

THR |1| THRacing |

THR |2| THRacing |

THR |3| THRacing |

THR |4| THRacing |

THR |5| THRacing |

Recommended safty apps

We highly recommend the usage of the apps mentioned here:

Other interesting links:

THR website ( with quite a lot of additional information

THR Discord Server (

THR Facebook-Site (

THR-Shop (

Further information can be found in our FAQs.
If you still have questions > just ask in the drivers #drivers.