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pitman and Duderei welcome you to Tarnhorn Racing!
Long after we have been driving the original GPL, we are looking for GPL Veterans that are interested in joining us for some good old GPL races.

Usually we are active in the Assetto Corsa events set up by

However, now that the new GPL-Mod Version 2.20 is available at (, we decided to start a AC-GPL-Mod community called [THR] Tarnhorn Racing.

We offer, races, events and championship seasons.

To fit the community needs we have a website, a Facebook-Site, a Discord Server, a Youtube Channel and of course several Assetto Corsa Servers (24/7).

The Servers can be found here

THR |1| Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 MOD community

For your laptimes and race results please visit the STracker website at

Our main communication channel is:
The shortened Discord-URL, which is easy to remember:
So please join our Discord to get in contact with the other community members (more than 800).

Lets have some GPL-racing together!
pitman and Duderei