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3rd Endurance Race by THR

Deutschlandring 4 Stunden Rennen - AC Legends GTC 60s

Welcome to the 4 hour race at the Deutschlandring hosted by THR.

We have invited 6 fellow communities to participate in this race.

  • ASRL
  • CRS
  • CVR
  • VAC
  • vA
  • VirtualRacing

We'll have a full starting grid with great drivers and a superb race.
And we are looking forward to it!

Update 2023-01-22

Learnigs from Saturday´s practice races:

  • Stop and go penalties have to be served within the pitlane, but not within your pitbox.
    Reason > Otherwise Real Penalty does not recognize the stop and go and AC thinks you want to have a normal pitstop.
    Attention: You are not allowed to make a pitstop in the same lap.
    Better reread how it works:
  • Assetto Corsa is not good at handling driver swaps. After the driver swap, the live timing apps do not give you correct information about your ranking postion in the race. They can only be used to identify the cars that are around you.

    The only in-game App that will show you correct positions is the F9 Kunos App. It only updates once per lap (start/finish line) and tells you your position and the interval to the cars around. You should make your life easier by asking your team mate to keep an eye on the live timing:

    Your co-driver should watch it and tell you which cars you are fighting with, and which are on a different lap. That is also necessary for another reason: after the driver swap, the Blue Flags are incorrect.

Update 2023-01-21

The voice channels are available.
There is a voice channel for every Community and a voice channel for every registered team.
You can find the "TEAM VOICE" channels by scrolling the Discord channel list down to the bottom.

Side Note:
In Discord it is very time consuming to provide the channels with the permissions of each individual driver/Discord user.
We believe that we are old enough and decided to leave the channels open.
Please keep the netiquette and join only your own channel.

Directly above the Team Channels we have the "LIVE COMMENTARY" Channels:
If you like to have an interview in the live broadcast, just join the "WAITING" for the English and/or the "WARTERAUM" for the German interview.

The commentators scan these channels and drag you to the LIVE COMMENTARY channels.

Update 2023-01-20

Info Board:

Live Timings - Qualifying:

Link to the english live broadcast:

Link zur Deutschen Live Übertragung:


The Registration will open on 2023-01-01 and close on 2023-01-15 [available Slots = 40]

Only a single registration for each team of two drivers is required.
To sign up, please fill in the requested information and submit this form.

Until the registration deadline, you can update the data in the form using the link that you will receive via e-mail after filling in the form.
After the registration closes on 2022-01-15, the organizers will transfer the bookings to Server THR|5| and open the qualifying sessions with booked slots. A communication will be shared in Discord after this process will have been done and the qualifying server was opened.


We drive a selection of cars of the AC Legends GTC 60 Mod.
You can follow the link to find detailed information about how to download and install the Mod.

You also need:

Many THR members will use custom skins with THR logos for the race.
If members from the participating communities want to do the same, they can follow this guide:

You can download the uploaded skins here:
Just copy and paste the links into Content Manager...


Deutschlandring THR (42 pitboxes)

Special Settings

Tyre blankets: Off
Fuel Rate: 100%
Damage Multiplier: 75%
Tyre Wear Rate: 100%
Mandatory pitstop: It is up to you, how often you stop for refuling, new tyres, repairs, or changing the drivers. But every time you do swap drivers (at least once), you must comply with the 180s timer by Real Penalty!


  • Real Penalty is mandatory, cause Real Penalty checks if it is installed on your client. If not, you get kicked from the server.
  • CSP v0.1.78 or newer is also required to join.

    You can check if everything works correctly by joining server THR |5 Qualifying + Race|

Schedule > 2023-01-16 - 2023-01-22


One public test server will be online from 1st to 22nd January 2023 to test the cars and the conditions.

Use the following server to test the different cars at Deutschlandring.
(No registration is needed for the testing servers. You just select a car and will get a random skin.)
THR | 3 | THRacing |


Qualifying for the 4h race begins on 16th January and ends on Sunday 22nd January at 14 UTC (= 15:00 central european time).
You can set qualifying laps during the entire qualifying period. Each Team drivers share one slot in the qualifying server. While driver 1 is connected to the server, driver 2 cannot join it, and viceversa.

Your car's best valid laptime on the qualifying server will determine your car's starting position - no matter if it was set by driver 1 or 2.

We will close the Qualifying at 14 UTC on Sunday.
(The laptimes from Saturdays Qualifying and Races are not taken into account.)

Only registered drivers (instructions at the top) can join the qualifying server:
THR | QUALI + RACE | THRacing |

An overview of the laptimes per driver can be found here:


PRACTICE RACES - Saturday 1700 UTC

Two practice races will be hosted a day before the main event.
Those practice races should mainly be used to practice driver swaps and the usage of all required Apps (like Real Penalty).
The registration for the practice races is based on the registrations for the main event.

Setup of the practice races:

  • Qualifying Session: 30 minutes (only a single driver per team allowed)
  • Race 1: 1 hour [=60 minutes]
  • Race 2: 1 hour [=60 minutes] (first 10 positions start in reversed order)

You can stay on the server between the sessions.
Practice races will be hosted on THR |4| WKDY RACES | THRacing |

MAIN RACE - Sunday 1700 UTC

Will be hosted on THR |5| QUALI+RACE | THRacing |

Official race based on the qualifying laptimes driven during the week.

  • Warmup Practice Session: 30 minutes
  • Race: 4 hours [=240 minutes]

You can stay on the server between the sessions.

Driver Swap

There is one mandatory long stop including driver swap in this race. This takes 180 seconds and you have to comply with the instructions below to perform it successfully. If you want to swap drivers more often, you can do that but Driver Swaps always have to comply with the 180s long stop timer in Real Penalty.

Normal pit stops (fuel/tires/repairs while the driver stays on the server) are not subject to the Long Stop time restrictions, so you can ignore the timer in those.

As mentioned above we use Real Penalty for the Driver swap logic.
This is how it works:

  1. Drive into the PITS and do not exceed the speed limit of 80 km/h! You must reduce the speed to a max of 85 km/h before you enter the pitlane. (If you enter the pits too fast your team will be penalized);
  2. When you enter the pit lane, RED indicator will show "Drive to swap". That means you need to continue driving until you will see the "Swap possible" indicator. Because you do driver swap/change you do not need to change tyres or add fuel or stop in personal place of pit-stop.
  1. As soon "Stop to swap" indicator appears, stop the car at any place in the pitlane.
  1. As soon the car is fully stopped "Swap possible" indicator will appear. Now you are ready to exit  Assetto Corsa. 
  1. Now it is time for another driver from your team to connect to the race server. It is only possible to connect to the server when another driver disconnects from the server. There is no need to rush the change because there is an equal countdown of 180 seconds for everyone to complete the swap. The countdown starts when the driver clicks exit.
    The 180 seconds help to avoid giving users with faster computers an advantage.
  2. Load the setup and click drive as usual. Don't forget to load the setup you would like to use for your run, otherwise, the default setup will be loaded!)
  3. Please wait for the countdown "Pitlane time" to go out. This is the remaining swap time to make your swap valid. If you leave too soon you will be penalized by a time penalty of 30 seconds plus the remainder of the countdown. It is designed to equalize the connecting time of all participants. 
  1. Once you see "GO" it means swap is finished and you are ready to leave pitlane. You are able to leave your pit box before the timer goes to 0 but DO NOT leave the pit lane before
    the timer goes to 0.
  1. Drive out of the pits and be careful, not to cross the pit exit line, to be safe for upcoming cars.

You can checkout a demo video of the whole process here: 
Assetto Corsa - Real Penalty - Demo "Driver Swap" .

If you want to make a regular pit stop without driver swap, stop at your pit place and do a planned pit stop strategy that you set in your setup settings. There will be no need to wait for any timer.

The driver's stint time is not limited.

Driver swaps currently reset all vehicle damage, fuel status etc. There is no way around this that we know of.

Pitlane Speeding

While it is not historically accurate to enforce a pitlane speed limit, it helps to avoid massive crashes, which might happen if drivers enter the pits at high speeds.

However, we have disabled the automatic 80 km/h pit limiter on our server to avoid losing control through a forced application of your brakes. Consequently, you have to ensure by yourself that you will not exceed the pit speed limit even after you entered the pit lane!

The Real Penalty pit limit is set to 85 km/h. Be sure to be slower than 85 km/h when you enter the pitlane, and stay slower than that until you exit the pit lane. If you exceed the speed limit anywhere in the pit lane, you will receive a penalty.

Also, all drivers must comply with the pit lane entry/exit instructions described in the infographic below:


  • Pitlane Speeding:
    - 85 to 100 km/h Drive Through
    - 100 to x km/h Stop and Go 10 Seconds
  • If a driver sets off before the minimum time during a Driver Swap, they will be given a penalty equal to the number of seconds left in the countdown plus 10 seconds. The penalty will be applied after the race.
  • If Driver A had a not taken penalty before he initiates the driver swap, the penalty time get converted into seconds and will be added to the Driver Swap time of 180 seconds.
  • You have 3 laps to serve a penalty. If you miss that, you get disqualified from the race.
    To serve a stop&go time penalty, stop somewhere in the pitlane, but not in your pitbox. Also, be careful not to perform any pit stop at all while you're in the pit lane to serve a penalty. That would not count your penalty as served.
  • If you cant serve the penalty before the end of the race, the penalty seconds (+30 seconds) will be added to the result after the race.

moved start/finish line

Because we use RealPenalty for the swap, there was no need to move the start/finish line. However, please keep in mind that you can only perform a successful driver swap in the driver swap zone shown by the infographic above (after the start/finish line in the pit lane).


It is a difficult task for the AC Apps to show the correct gaps between the drivers. But as mentioned above Kunos F9 Timing App and Substanding Relative should help while being in the car.

Your teammate can help by studying the livetimings of our ServerManager. We (and the developer of ServerManager) can´t guarantee that the Timings are correct, but the tests were promising.
Another option would be to follow our livestream on Youtube. The link will be posted in #drivers chat, when the stream goes online.

We try to scan the earned penalties and post them in #drivers chat and/or announce them via voice chat.


  • The THR rules apply to the race tonight:
  • THR Race Control will scan the first lap of the race and also review possible later incidents reported by the drivers through this form:
  • Instead of Point Penalties, Time Penalties will be used.
  • The race result stays unofficial until THR Race Control confirms it.

Teleport back to pits

THR Rule Number 10: The usage of "Teleport to pits"

There are four ways to get back to the pits during a race:

  • Driving into the pits.
    > Your car get the service you have defined in the pits menu.
  • Stopping the car and hitting the ESC button
    > You get teleported into the pits and see the UI Menu, which can be closed via a click on the wheel button in the upper left corner. You get a time penalty and can leave the pits with a new repaired car after the end of the penalty.
  • Using a button on your wheel, which is assigned to the Content Manager function "Setup in pits"
    > You get teleported into the pits and see the UI Menu, which can be closed via a click on the wheel button in the upper left corner. You get a time penalty and can leave the pits with a new repaired car after the end of the penalty.
  • Using a button on your wheel, which is assinged to the Content Manager function "Teleport to pits"
    > You get teleported into the pits, get a new repaired car and are able to leave the pits immediately. But you loose the progress of your current lap.

It is allowed to use one of the four ways (limping to pits, using ESC, using SIP, using TTP).
But it is only allowed to use the buttons right after the accident.

If someone gets caught (via Stream, Incident Report, Stracker, etc.) using this feature in an improper way, or to gain an unfair advantage, race control will investigate it and decide about a penalty.


Our main communication channel is our Discord Server.
Please follow:
Or just click the button in the right menu.

It is not mandatory, but recommended, that you join Voice Chat during Qualifying and Races.

  • We invite the other communities members to join our Discord Voice Channel "Qualifying + Race" during the practice races on Saturday.
  • On Sunday (during the race), it makes sense for each group to use their own community voice channels within THR Discord. This will help us to coordinate in case something goes wrong.
  • Alternatively, teams can also choose dedicated voice channels we created for their cars. You can find them by scrolling down the channels list on the left. The Channels are open for everyone to make it easier to communicate an apology in case you caused an accident. Other than that, please don't disturb your fellow competitors.
  • After the race we invite you all to join our Voice Channel "Outside Races (no PTT)" for a racetalk after the race.


We will have two commentated streams for this race.

  • English commentary:
    Microlin did an awesome job by commentating our 2nd THR Endurance race and we are lucky that he want to do it again!
    Many thanks Microlin!
  • German commentary:
    The most famous German SimRacing club (VirtualRacing) also participates in our race and broadcasts the race live with two German commentaries.
    Unbelievable! Many thanks to VR!

You can use the registration form to hand over some information about yourself, your teammate and your team to the commentators of the race. Might be useful to fill the 4 hours.
You can also select if you are interested in a live interview during the race.


We have tried to provide all the necessary information on this page.
If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the #endurance channel in our Discord.

Best wishes

This is important for me:
THR is not professional!

We are experienced in hosting events and we always try to do our best.
But this race with so many participants from different communities is also a test for us.

It may be that not everything runs smoothly. It can also be that we don't respond as quickly or find a solution immediately. But we try everything so that we can experience a great event together!

And if this test works well, we will organize similar events in the future. Why not drive in circles for 6 hours, or even longer 😉

We wish you all a really good, intense and exciting Endurance Race!


In case you like, what we do...