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This site gives you a selection of vintage race tracks for Assetto Corsa.
We have raced many of theses tracks in our THR races.

You will find the following when you scroll down:
- Classic Tracks
- Tracks with additional pitboxes
- some Oval Tracks
- Link to the vintage collection made by the AC Reboot Project

All the tracks we are currently running can be found on our ServerManager's page:

If you want to add links, please post them in discord in #mods apps tracks.
I will copy the link to this site as soon as possible.

Classic Tracks:

Aintree 2.0:
Bremgarten 1954 (v0.9):
Bridgehampton (v2.0):
Daytona 2017 (v1.0):
Deutschlandring 1939 (v1.0):
Donington 1938 (v1.0):
Eifel Südstrecke:
Feldbergring (v1.3):
Fonteney (v1.0):
Fuji Speedway 1968 (v1.1):
Goodwood (v0.99):
Hobsbury (v1.1):
Hockenheim 60s (v1.1):
Horsma (v0.92):
Imola 1972:
Interlagos 1975 (v1.0):
Interlagos 1975 [THR] (Full and Oval) by Waffles:
Kyalami 1967 (v1.0):
Le Grand Circuit 1967 (v0.50b):
Longford 1967 (v1.01):
Mexico 1967 (v1.1):
Monaco 1966 (v1.2):
Monaco 1966 [THR] (family edition > easier chicane) by Waffles:
Montjuich 1975 (v1.01):
Mosport (v0.8):
Mosport vintage [THR] by Technoluddite: (Track layout is unchaned, but it looks vintage.)
Nürburgring 1965 (v1.0):
Paul Ricard 1988 (v1.5):
Pinewood (v.0.8):
Österreichring (Spielberg) 1974 (v2.1):
Östereichring 1979 (v1.0)
Riverside 1988 (v1.1):
Reims 1967:
Reims-Gueux (v1.0):
Rouen (v1.2):
Silverstone (Kunos Original >> Update to 36 pits):
Snetterton 1967 (v1.1):
Solitude 1964 (v1.64):
Spa 1966 (v1.1):
Spa [THR] (1966 & 1934) by Waffles:
Thomson Road (v1.0):
Watkins Glen 1967:
Watkins Glen International (v1.1):
Zandvoort 1965, 1967, 1973 (Payware):
Zolder 1967 (v2.0):

Oval Tracks:

Aosta Grand Sport:
Mountain Peak Charlotte Speedway:
Joesville Speedway:

AC Track Reboot Project: (a collection of vintage tracks)