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The following applies only to our main event races on Sunday:

Sometimes unlucky things happen in our races.
Someone gets pushed off the track and loses positions and points in the championship.

In most cases there is no intention behind it and the incidents can be clarified directly between the drivers concerned.

If this is not possible, affected drivers can report the incident via this form:

As soon as the form is submitted, the incident appears in the
#incident-review channel in our Discord Server. Follow the discussion there.

The request must describe the situation from the drivers point of view and attach videos for a first impression. It is best if the replay file gets uploaded too.

Then the community can view the case and write comments.
Also the affected drivers can share there opinions.

THR Race Control monitors the discussion and driver feedback and decides on the basis of our Rules and the Catalog of Penalties.

Depending on the decision, a penalty will be imposed for the concerned championship.

If it was rude behavior, it is written in THR rules (, that a complete server ban will follow.