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1960’s GPL 1500cc Mod by Bazza


Updated Ferrari F158; 2020 02 05
- Rear rollcenter adjustment
- adjusted backtorque (tuned down)

Install: Unpack to \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ and overwrite previous version.

Needed DLCs from Assetto Corsa

Dreampack 3
The pack is needed, because Kunos Lotus 25 is used as a base model for the Lotus 25 in the 1500cc-Mod.

Bazzas information about the Mod:

Unfortunately we cannot recreate a full season mod due to lack of proper models, therefore we decided to do a multi season mod covering the early 60's 1.5 litre era.

For close racing the the performance is balanced a little in the engine department, as early sixties these engine were only capable of 185-ish horses at the crank to about 225 hp for the 1965 Ferrari 1512.

However reallife engine curves are used, with a top end varying between 186 to 200 hp, wich should result in some interesting dogfighting.

Models converted/ upgraded by Mac Ten, Physics by Bazza

1961 Ferrari 156
1961 Cooper Climax T55 (To make it competative with the pack we specced it with a FWMV V8 engine instead of the powerless L4)
1962 Brabham Climax BT3
1962 Lotus Climax 25
1962 Porsche 804
1964 Ferrari 158

Known Issues

  • We decided to include LOD's for all models. However I was not able to create a LOD for the Sharknose using Simplygon
  • Missing Front A-arm on BT3
  • Sub par cockpit of Sharknose
  • The Cooper T55 is a sort of hybrid. The real model ran the 4 cilinder engine, however for better BOP we included the V8.

v1.0 Changelog so far:

  • All cars:
    -Recalculated/ Decreased wheel inertias
    -Increased tirepressures for more sidewall stifness
    -Furter improved FFB; fixed clipping
    -Rebranded to GPL1500 to avoid future errors/ mismatches
  • Cooper T55: Reduced rear bumpsteer
  • Ferrari 156 Sharknose: Corrected rollcenter/ Rebuilt rear suspension geometry

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