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Formula 1970 Championship

The 1970 Formula One season was a historic one, filled with thrilling races and memorable moments. The championship was marked by intense rivalries, dramatic finishes, and the emergence of a new generation of drivers.

As the Vintage Simracing community, THR, prepares to host its own Formula 1970 Championship, beginning on January 29th, 2023, fans of the sport can relive some of the most exciting moments of that iconic season. The championship will feature the awesome RSS 1970 Formula car and take place on some of the most iconic tracks of the era, including Kyalami, Jarama, Monaco, Spa, Sandevoerde, Bugatti, Brands Hatch, Hockenheimring, Österreichring, Monza, Mont-Tremblant, Watkins, and Mexico.

One of the most exciting storylines of the 1970 season was the intense rivalry between Jochen Rindt and Jack Brabham. Rindt, driving for Lotus, and Brabham, driving for his own team, engaged in a fierce battle for the championship, with Rindt ultimately coming out on top. Tragically, Rindt would lose his life in a crash during practice for the Italian Grand Prix, becoming the only posthumous Formula One World Champion.

Another notable moment from the 1970 season was the emergence of a young driver from Brazil named Emerson Fittipaldi. Fittipaldi, just 22 years old at the time, won his first race in just his fifth start, becoming the youngest driver to win a Formula One race. He would go on to win two more races that season and finish third in the championship.

As THR's Formula 1970 Championship revives the exciting moments of the 1970 Formula One season, fans will have the opportunity to relive similar intense rivalries, dramatic finishes, and maybe the emergence of new talents that makes this THR championship one for the ages.

Lets race back to 1970!


You have to register for each event (Saturday and Sunday) of the championship.
Normally the registration for the next race weekend opens the Monday before.

To be able to join the Qualifying and the race sessions, you have to register via this link:

You must be on server THR | QUALI + RACE | while registering.

If so, then you can join the Qualifying with your car and skin immediately after registering.
In some cases it is necessary to wait for the next server restart, which occurs every 2 hours.
Only in rare cases you get the message "No slots available", then the Admins have to stop and restart the server.
Give us a short hint in #drivers chat in our Discord.

THR has changed the onboarding process:
New community members need to have three ACSR races in the records to get permission to start in the Main Event Races on Sundays. To achieve this, they can participate in the wkdy races, the practice races on Saturday and the THR Academy events.
If you think you are experienced enough to directly start in the Main Event races, please fill out the form (also to be found by following above link) with verifiable references to fast-track your onboarding request.

Short term upcoming events

Wednesday April 17, 2024
  • Fun Event | Weekday Race | tbd

    Wednesday April 17, 2024   20:40
    2 days from now

Saturday April 20, 2024
  • GP History Cup | Practice Race | Bremgarten

    Saturday April 20, 2024   21:30
    5 days from now

Sunday April 21, 2024
  • GP History Cup | Casual Cup Race | Bremgarten

    Sunday April 21, 2024   21:30
    6 days from now

  • GP History Cup | Top Cup Race | Bremgarten

    Sunday April 21, 2024   21:30
    6 days from now


We race the Formula 1970 V8 cars made by RSS.
(We will not use the V8S that also comes with the download).

RSS says that the car is the most feature rich vehicle produced by Race Sim Studio.
Animated front and rear wings are afforded by the slightly simpler nature of the 3D design in comparison to the complex shapes of wings of today.
Besides the wings moving up and down by aero setup, there are also aerodynamically impacting packages featuring a variety of front and rear wing styles.

Car Downloads:
RSS Formula 1970 V8 [Download]
THR TV [Download]

THR Skinpack

We have tons of beautiful custom skins from our members.
You can find and download them here:
If you want to make your own skin and race it in THR races, have a look here:


  1. Kyalami 1967
  2. Jarama
  3. Monaco 66 THR
  4. Spa 1966 THR
  5. Sandevoerde 1967
  6. Bugatti
  7. Brands Hatch GP OSRW
  8. Hockenheimring ASRL 78
  9. Österreichring
  10. Monza 1966 GP OSRW
  11. Mont-Tremblant 1969
  12. Watkins Glen 60s GP
  13. Mexico GP 1967 THR

The track download link can be found here:

Special Settings

In 1970, they had no pitstops in Formula 1.
In our THR championship we follow that example.
But if you want to stop for any service, you are allowed to.

  • Fuel Rate: 100%
  • Damage Multiplier: 75%
  • no pitspeed limiter
  • Required Minimum CSP Version is 0.177


We try to stick to the dates given, but it may be that we postpone individual dates for various reasons.

Race Week Schedule


Use the following server to test the different cars during the week.
You can choose any available car and get a random skin after joining.
THR | 1 | THRacing |


You can race qualifying laps from Monday to Sunday at any time.
(I will close the Qualifying when I have time on Sunday. So the end of Qualifying may vary on this day.
Please take this in account and don't race your laps just before the end.)

Only the best laps per driver from the following server will be used to create the starting grid.
THR | QUALI + RACE | THRacing |

An overview of the laptimes per driver can be found here:


Saturday - Training Races

Will be hosted on Server:
THR |4| WKDY RACES | THRacing |

The starting grid for the practice races will be based on the qualifying which takes place just before these races.

  • Qualifying Session: 30 minutes
  • Training Race 1: 30 minutes
  • Training Race 2: 30 minutes (first 10 positions start in reversed order)

You can stay on the server between the sessions.

Sunday - Main Races

Will be hosted on Server:
THR | QUALI + RACE | THRacing |

Official race based on the qualifying laptimes driven during the week.

  • Practice Session: 30 minutes
  • Main Race: 60 minutes

You can stay on the server between the sessions.

Drivers Championship

To take in account that not every racer is able to race on every weekend, the two worst results will be deleted.
So only 11 out of 13 weekends count for the championship.
They did similar back in 1970.


Read our rules page here:


Our main communication channel is our Discord Server.
Please follow:
Or just click the button in the right menu.

It is not mandatory, but recommended, that you join Voice Chat during Qualifying and Races.

Best wishes

We wish you some really good, intense and exciting races over the next weeks!