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Starting on 2020-08-23 we will have a short 3 week Cup named


In the following lines you can find the details on the Cup.


We race the DRM REVIVAL MOD from the DRM Modding Team.
You can find the cars and additional information here:

Real Names

Real Skins

[THR] skinpack

We have tons of beautiful custom skins from our members.
You can find and download them here:
If you want to make your own skin and race it in THR races, have a look here:


3Norisring THR2020-09-06

race weekend

Practice Races on Saturday.
Championship Races on Sunday.

Fuel Usage > 200%

Start will be at 20 UTC each day.
The championship starts at 2020-08-23 and ends at 2020-09-06.

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

  • First: a qualifying over 20 minutes
  • Second: a race over 60 minutes

There will be no restart. Start carefully!

Qualifying and race is configured as a RaceWeekend in our ServerManager.
That means, that you have to leave the Server after the Qualifying and join it again for the directly following race.


You have to register your slot for the championship:

You can choose car and skin during the registration.


We race on one of our 5 servers.
Information will be given before each weekend.

THR | 1 | Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 MOD community
THR | 2 |THR | 3 |THR | 4 |THR | 5 |

drivers championship

We have a drivers championship and race in two classes.

Division 1:

  • BMW M1
  • Ferrari 308 GTB
  • Ford Capri
  • Porsche 935
  • Toyota Celica LB

Division 2:

  • BMW 2002
  • BMW 320i
  • Ford Escort II RS
  • Lancia Beta Montecarlo

Every racer is able to earn points in the races and therefore has the possibility to compete for position in the championship.

If a racer is not able to end the race, points will be rewarded, if 75% of the leaders lap numbers are completed.

The points for race 1 and race 2 will be added together.
Sunday Race1 = P6 = 25 points | Race2 = P2 = 33 points

This are 58 points, which are added to your drivers championship.

To take in account that not every racer is able to race on every weekend, the worst result will be deleted. So only 10 out of 11 weekends count for the championship.


Read our rules page here:


Our main communication channel is our Discord Server.
Please follow:

Or just click the button in the right menu.

best wishes

We wish you some really good, intense and exciting races over the next weeks!