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AC WSC Legends 60s Pack by Team WSC Legends


Mod (version 1.0 full install)

WSC Legends v1.0.1 Hotfix - 7th January 2024

Changelog v1.0.1:

  • Ford GT X1
    Issue: Headlight beams are broken for many users due to lights.ini conflict. Partial culling of lights.ini & revised ext_config needed to fix.
    Solution: lights.ini cleaned up & ext_config.ini revised
  • Ford GT40 Mk1
    Issue: Bug: rear suspension Wheel Rates: the adjustment increments between LR & RR are not equally-sized.
    Solution: Fixed in setup.ini
  • Lola T70 Mk3 GT
    Issue: Tank size not compliant with FIA rules
    Solution: Reduced size to 140 liter in car.ini and setup.ini
  • Lotus 47 GT
    Issue: brake bias not adjustable in garage (only while driving)
    Solution: brake bias adjustment for garage added to setup.ini
  • Porsche 904/8
    Issue: a few people reported that it is very silent inside, to the point where other cars drown out its engine when they are nearby
    Solution: raised levels in extension.ini
  • Porsche 906E
    Issue: Dash indicator for blinker does not work for the left side
    Solution: ext.ini update

Needed DLCs

Kunos Ferrari 70 Anniversary DLC pack
The pack is needed, for the installation of the Ferrari 330 P4.

Needed Software

Custom Shaders Patch 0.179
otherwise the cars look like this:

THRs 4th Endurance race - 6 hours of Le Mans - 21.01.2024

Many many thanks to Bazza and the WSC Legends Team!