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THR and 3DRAP reveal another prize

In preparation of the 3rd Endurance Race the registered drivers have put in an incredible number of 3.812 laps. Given the Deutschlandring's length of exactly 10 km, that means you have almost circumnavigated the world.


It´s also incredible which laptimes have been burned into the asphalt during the weekday Qualifying which started on Monday and last to Sunday at 14 UTC.
If you are interested have a look at the times here:

Some weeks ago we have told you that we started a partnership with 3DRAP:

Besides other fields of activity, 3D Rap offers high quality SimRacing products, such as PedalsShifters, HandbrakesWheelsMods, etc.

And now we announce that we will have another prize raffle right after our 3rd Endurance Race at the Deutschlandring!

3DRAP offers 2 x 50% coupons

You can use them for awesome a product from their awesome vintage wheel collection which can be used with Logitech (G25 / G27 / G29 / G920), Thrustmaster (T500rs / T300rs / TX / TS-PC / T-GT), OpenSimWheel and Fanatec (Podium- / Clubsport- / CSL- HUB).

The raffle will be broadcasted after the race in the voicechat "#Qualifying and Race" in our Discord.

(Eligible for the raffle are all teams that have reached the finish of our 3rd Endurance Race. The team that wins the raffle will receive both vouchers. One for each team member.)

Many THANKS to 3DRAP for offering this awesome prize!

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