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Make and use a custom skin in [THR] races

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[THR] offers the possibility to use custom skins in our races.

You can find many examples of great custom user skins here:

If you want to use a custom skin, read the following tutorial:


Use template files (*.psd)

For Kunos cars you can find the template files in:
..\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\sdk\dev\skin_templates\template lotus 49

The templates of MOD cars can often be found in the download files of the MOD.

If there is no template available follow this video made by Klopstick:

Make your own skin folder within the car folder in:
Beware: Do not use Spaces in the foldername.

For the paint job have a look at this playlist:
This playlist is also helpful:


Deploying the custom skin for THR races:
To pack the skin:
Open Content Manager
Click on "CONTENT" then on "cars".
Choose your car in the car list.
Click on "Skins".
HOLD CTRL and leftklick on the skin in the skin list.
Choose "Pack" and click on "> Pack: 1 skin". (That creates a zip file)


CM creates a file with the correct path to the skin, but puts only the necessary files in the zip file.
Please check the zip file and add the missing files.

After that, just open Discord and upload the skin (zip file) in channel #skin_upload.

Skin upload instructions:

The bot must know you, i.e. know your Steam GUID (also known as Steam Community ID, the long number that begins with 765... [Go to "Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\log.txt" >> Steam Community ID <<]) and your IGN (In Game Name [Go to "Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\log.txt" >> Steam Name <<]).

You can check if the bot knows you by using the command:

If the bot doesn't know you yet, you have to register first by:

!register MySteamGUID
!register MySteamGUID IGN

If the IGN is omitted, bot will assign your Discord nickname as IGN automatically.

!register 76512345678901234
!register 76512345678901234 Sir Crashalot

If the bot knows you, drop the skin archive to this channel. Archive file requirements:

- .7z or .zip file format
- packed with correct path (i.e. 'content\cars\gpl67_lotus_49\skins\pitman')
- single skin only
- no files outside of skin folder (separate files in the root of the archive - like readme.txt - are tolerated)

Bot will inform you if the skin was accepted (i.e. added to skin library).

When new skins were uploaded, the [THR] skinpack will be packed at every full hour.
Our new Bot "Skinny Pete" informs you about a new available skinpack and presents the following download link:
(Just copy and paste the link into Content Manager.)

When new skins were uploaded 10 minutes before every full hour the skins will be transferred to our ServerManager.
Short after that you can choose your skin in the registration form.

(Thanks to Jirkas for this phenomenal workflow!)

Here is a more professional way to skin a car with Blender:

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