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THR – Onboarding

You are a new THR member?
Welcome to our community. We hope you like to be with us and we are happy to meet you on track.

There is a lot of information about what we do in THR and how you can become a part of it.
Start reading the #info-and-help and the #faq channel in our Discord.

We suspect that you joined us to participate in our exciting vintage races, which is great.
Since we are a beginner friendly community nearly all races are joinable for you.
The only exceptions are the Main Event races on Sunday.
The reason is that we learned that some Newbies have to become familiar with our car/track combinations before they participate in championship races in which others already fight for points and positions.

To also be allowed to join these races, you must have participated in 3 ACSR events.

ACSR is a Assetto Corsa Skill Rating System, which analyzes the data of our events.

To achieve participation in 3 ACSR events, you can compete in our wkdy races and/or our Saturday practice races.
That should give you an idea, if you are comfortable with the car/track combinations and we should get a feeling if you are good to go.

There is no need to hurry, to race the 3 events, but we encourage you to do it.

Only in rare cases: For example iIf you can't participate in the described events and/or you think you are experienced enough, you can do the following:

  • fill in this form with verifiable information to assess your simracing experience
    (e.g. streams, results [and which name within those?], etc.)
  • put in some laps on THR |1| and we have a look at it

Registering a slot

There are 2 entries per championship in the ServerManager under the menu item "Championships":
One entry for the Practice Events on Saturday, a second entry for the Main Event race on Sunday.

If you want to participate on both days, you have to register twice.

And if you want to join the wkdy race, you also have to register for that particular race.