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Booking / Registering for [THR] races!

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Server Manager offers three ways to book a race:

We will inform via Discord and Website which option has to be used for the upcoming races.


FIRST> This is the normal way. We try to use this option always!

In our current championship configuration we have :
- 2x30 minute Practice Races on Saturday
The starting grid for the practice races will be based on the qualifying which takes place just before these races.

- 1x60 minute championship race on Sunday
The starting grid is based on the qualifying laptimes driven during the week.
You can race your qualifying laps from Monday to Sunday at any time on server THR |5|.
(I will close the Qualifying when I have time on Sunday. So the end of Qualifying may vary on this day.
Please take this in account and don't race your laps just before the end.)

To be able to participate on Saturday and/or Sunday you have to register.

To register you have to open our Servermanager website: 

Choose the race or championship you want to participate. 

Then click "Register with Steam" or "Register Now".

On the following page fill in the needed information, choose your car and skin and click "Register".


If you choose "Register Now", you will need your Steam GUID which you can find here:

Go to "Documents\Assetto Corsa\logs\log.txt" >> Steam Community ID <<

After your registration you are immdetiately able to join server THR |5| QUALI+RACE | THRacing.
In rare cases, you get the message "No available slots" while joining.
Then you can inform us in Discords #driver chat, cause we have to restart the server.



SECOND> Normal pickup races like our WKDY races.


The easiest way. Open Content Manager and just choose one of the available cars and join the server.

Disadvantages: It is not possible to choose a skin and you can only choose a car as long as it is available.


You can directly join the server.



THIRD> In some rare cases it is not possible to use the First option.


Open Content Manger:

Choose your car [1] and skin [2] and click "Join".

(See the picture attached below...)

If you don´t want to wait until the race starts, or if you want to race something before our race, click the "ESC" button on your keyboard, or just close Content Manager. Your booking remains stored.


You can join the server, when the booking has ended and the Practice-/Qualify- or Race-Session starts.



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