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You can find the details and the Download Link on our WSC Mod Landingpage:

Follow this link to register for THRs 4th Endurance Race - The 6 Heures Du Mans:

The Registration closes on 2024-01-14 [available Slots = 50]

All the detailed information about the race can be found here:

Another year is almost in the books.

In 2023 we finished three Chamionships:

  • 90s Stock Cars
  • Formula 1970
  • 60s GTC Legends

Two Championships are still running:

  • 70s GTR
  • GPL 6

At the official events, 109 different drivers raced with us.
The drivers drove 70,000 laps in 27 different cars on 25 different tracks.

In total, more than 333,000 km were driven, which means more than 8 circumnavigations of the globe.

On Top of that we had some exciting special events:
For example the marvelous 4 hour Endurance race at the Deutschlandring in which 7 communities fought for the win. Microlin and Alfoyb did an amazing job as our commentators for the English Broadcast and Dennis and Thomas delivered an awesome German Stream.
Or the celebration race of THRs 5th Anniversary in which we drove a Full Length GP in the GPL cars at Fuji.

We have exceeded the number of 2.100 members in Discord.
Our Youtube Channel has 550 followers.
More than 400 users have subsribed to our website, and 396 people follow our Facebook News.

It was also a great pleasure to met the guys from 3DRAP at the Simracing Expo in Dortmund and it is also great that the offered some nice prices which we raffled througout the year.

2023 was a good year for THR.
We have found a good framework for our championships that allows us to reduce the administrative workload.

Overall, it was a lot of fun running THR, even if I didn't really feel like sitting in the car myself 😉

Currently we host two Time Attacks to fill the Christmas Break and our next Endurance Race is scheduled for the 21st of January.

I suspect that we will have a lot of fun together again in 2024.

As the year draws to a close, I seize this moment to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. Our community continues to expand, with our starting grids almost always bustling.
It's inspiring to see how members support each other through technical challenges or by answering questions for help in Discord.

A remarkable aspect of our journey is the familiarity we've developed with each other. It's like knowing every driver's unique racing style, strengths, and weaknesses, akin to a real-life racing league.

A heartfelt thank you for being an integral part of THR.

I wish you all a happy, healthy new year 2024!

See you on track next year!


"THR's Winter of Speed: A Duel of Legends - Chaparral 2F at Spa 1967 and Cooper T81B at Feldbergring"

As the winter season blankets the world in snow and serenity, THR enters the Winter Break, but gears up for an exhilarating showcase of historical prowess and competitive spirit. We proudly announce not one, but two Time Attack challenges, each an ode to a legendary chapter in motorsport history.

Chaparral 2F at Spa 1967: A Journey Through Aerodynamic Revolution - SERVER THR7

First up is the Chaparral 2F at the Spa circuit, precisely as it was in 1967. The Chaparral 2F, crafted by Jim Hall and Hap Sharp, is a symbol of innovative racing design. In its only season, it left an indelible mark on motorsport history, especially with its victory at the BOAC 500. The Chaparral 2F is renowned for its aerodynamic innovations, most notably its groundbreaking rear wing. This feature was a significant step forward in racing car design, influencing even Formula One teams.

Jim Hall's genius in aerodynamics began with the Chaparral 2 and evolved through successive models, culminating in the 2F's advanced design. It boasted a powerful Chevrolet "Porcupine" 427 big-block V8 engine and a pioneering fiberglass semi-monocoque chassis. Despite challenges in its racing journey, the 2F's legacy in motorsport is unassailable.

Participants will race this historical gem on the 1967 layout of the Spa circuit, known for its fast corners and dramatic elevation changes. This Time Attack is more than a race; it's a tribute to a car and a circuit that have both played pivotal roles in the evolution of motorsport.

Cooper T81B at Feldbergring: Reliving the Glory of Formula One's Past - SERVER THR8

The second challenge features the Cooper T81B at the legendary Feldbergring. The T81B, a lighter variant of the Cooper T81, debuted in the 1967 Formula One season. With a Maserati V12 engine and a Hewland 5-speed gearbox, it was a force to be reckoned with. Piloted by drivers like Jochen Rindt, Richard Attwood, and Jacky Ickx, the T81B made its mark with several notable finishes.

The Cooper T81 series represents the end of an era, as it was the last Cooper car to clinch a World Championship Grand Prix before the team's closure. Racing the T81B at the Feldbergring is not just about testing speed and skill; it's about connecting with a storied past, where every turn and straightaway brought new challenges and triumphs.

The Feldbergring, with its rich history in both automobile and motorcycle racing, presents a unique backdrop for our Time Attack. Once the host of massive crowds and legendary racers, the circuit is a fitting venue to relive the excitement and competition of motorsport's golden age.

Join the Duel of Legends

This winter, THR invites you to be a part of these historic Time Attacks. Whether you're guiding the aerodynamically advanced Chaparral 2F through the twists and turns of Spa 1967, or pushing the limits of the Cooper T81B on the challenging Feldbergring, you're not just racing against time. You're racing through history, paying homage to the legends who shaped motorsport into what it is today.

So, rev up your engines, and prepare for a winter filled with speed, history, and the spirit of racing. THR's Winter of Speed is not just a celebration of racing; it's a journey back in time to the glorious days of motorsport. Let's race into history!

You've been waiting for it for a long time, and now the moment has finally arrived:

THR is proud to present the 6 Heures Du Mans.

You can find all the detailed information here:

The Test Server on THR1 is starting now.
Find teammates ( ⁠via the #endurance-codriver-wanted channel in our Discord), test the cars, choose your favourite, and see you on track!

Registration opens on 01.01.2024.

A Race to Remember

Fuji Speedway, nestled in the scenic Oyama, Shizuoka, Japan, played host to a thrilling display of motorsport prowess during the THR 5-Year Anniversary Grand Prix. The historic 1968 GP layout, stretching 5.884 kilometers, challenged drivers with 65 grueling laps. The event was graced with a diverse lineup of classic 1967 race cars, including the lone Honda RA300, six Ferrari 312s, four Eagle T1Gs, thirteen Lotus 49s, and a Cooper T81B.

The Starting Lineup

The grid was a showcase of talent and machinery. Florian Masse, in his Lotus 49, secured pole position, setting the stage for an epic battle. Close behind were meisterJäger in an Eagle T1G and Tim Muttram in a Ferrari 312, ready to pounce at any opportunity.

The Battle on the Track

As the race unfolded, it became a test of skill and endurance. Despite no rain, the wind speed of 7.0 kph added an extra layer of challenge. Each lap told a story of intense rivalry and strategic maneuvering.

Florian Masse, starting at the front, faced a rollercoaster of positions, dropping to 18th on the first lap but clawing back to 2nd by the end, showcasing remarkable resilience and skill. MeisterJäger, initially holding a strong 4th position, experienced a dramatic shift in fortunes, eventually retiring prematurely from the race.

Tim Muttram's performance was a spectacle of consistency and speed, maintaining a top 3 position throughout and ultimately seizing the lead. Other notable performances included Davide Saiu, who battled from the back of the pack to a commendable 9th place, and Pete Bondurant, who remained in the top 5 for the majority of the race.

Pit stops, though unplanned and due to technical issues or repairs, added a twist to the race's strategic dimension. Notably, meisterJäger's pit stop on lap 60 and Nik Likar's crucial stop just a lap earlier were moments of high drama.

The Fastest Lap

Amidst the intense competition, Florian Masse clocked the fastest lap of the race, a blistering 1:40.246, underscoring his exceptional talent and the Lotus 49's capabilities.


The THR 5-Year Anniversary Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway was more than just a race; it was a celebration of motorsport history, a testament to driver skill, and a demonstration of the enduring allure of classic race cars. This event will be etched in the memories of participants and spectators alike, as a reminder of the passion and excitement that defines the world of sim racing.

Race Results (click to expand)

3DRap was so kind to offer THR a Mod 312 Wheel, which we raffled short after we finished our long (nearly 2 hours) and exhausting 5th Anniversary Race at Fuji.

(Eligible to participate in the raffle were all drivers who finished the 5th Anniversary Race and had already raced in at least 4 THR Main Events [Sunday-Races].)

Look who has won!

Many thanks to all drivers which participated in the anniversary race today. Also many thanks to all community members. You make THR as good as it is. A deep thank you goes also out to the THR Orga members, which help running THR in a stunning way! And last but not least, many thanks to 3DRAP for the opportunity to raffle this awesome wheel.

It's unbelievably great that we've been able to do an anniversary race for the fifth time.
Many thanks to everyone!

P.S.: We have to work on recording these raffle videos in an adequate way 😉 Better sound would be desirable. And I also need to prepare myself better. But it's not so easy to be completely in shape after an almost two-hour Grand Prix 😉

A Christmas present before Christmas and it has potential to crash Cristmas for some family dad's 😉

Fall in Love by watching GPLaps awesome video:

And then grab the Mod here:

We plan to celebrate the 5th anniversary with a full length GP (65 laps > approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes)at the FUJI Speedway.

3DRAP is so kind to offer THR a Mod 312 Wheel, which we will raffle short after race end.
(Eligible to participate in the raffle were all drivers who finished the 5th Anniversary Race and had already raced in at least 4 THR Main Events [Sunday-Races].)

On Saturday the 15th of December 2018 we had our first THR race.
This means that THR will be 5 years old in a few days and we have experienced a lot in these four years:

First Race

Our first race was held with the GPL Mod at Silverstone and we had 4 Racers on track. Our race format in the first weeks was to run as many 20-minute races in a row as we were able to.
Our first regular driver was Ben Barson. Thanks a lot for showing that the community idea was not that bad.

Our AC server

The first races were hosted on Duderei's home server.
But we quickly moved to a professional hoster.
The first entry in our STracker Database is from 2018-12-25.
After that we changed the hoster 2 times until we moved to a rented LinuxMachine (thanks franglais) which runs the ServerManager and 5 AC-Servers.

Cause of lag spikes we decided to switch to another hoster and rented a more powerful server, which is our home since 2 years now.

Races in THR

Over the 5 years, 1,180 different drivers have raced on our servers.
We have driven tens of thousands of laps and countless kilometers.

We had around 220 official events, 94 weekday races and many fun races.
We have completed 22 championships and the next upcoming are already planned.
Our former champions can be seen on the Wall of Champions.


The Discord Server has been set up on 2018-12-07.
Our first member besides Dude and me joined on 2018-12-14.
Currently we have 1,988 Members. Some of them are very quiet or bots, but no matter what time of day, there are always more than 200 members online.
What I find crazy is that I have written nearly 28,000 messages in our THR Discord. The number of PMs are also high, but I can´t count them.


The Website followed a little later. The first entry is from 2019-01-17.
It contains 210 pages and 318 news and I wrote more than 121,240 Words.
Funfact: You will need nearly 8 and a half hours to read them all.

To represent our races we have made around 300 posters.
Our Website has more than 195,000 visits and more than 722,000 views.

The most successfull page ist the news page with 79,000 views, followed by the tracks page, the GPL Mod page, and the AC Legends page.


Nearly 1 year after our foundation we started our Youtube-Channel on 2019-02-17.
At first we started with a short PromoVideo which was made by Bo Stamper.
Another year later we started to stream our races and with the help of Klopstick and Ted we produced another brilliant PromoVideo which has been watched 1.422 times since then.
To celebrate the start of our fifth GPL championship, Greg produced another stunning video which has been watched 679 times until today.

But all got topped by the Cinematics Evgeny made about our championships.
The awesome Cintematic about our THR GTC 60s championship, which has 7,335 views.
And the stunning Cinematic about our F1 1991 Championship, which has been watched 4,285 times.

Evgeny deserves a lot more subscriptions. If you haven´t done it already hop over and subscribe his channel.
And if you like, you can do the same with our THR channel.

The channel contains more than 273 videos/streams and has 530 followers.
It was visited 44,000 times and more than 4.100 hours of our videos were viewed.
The most successful Live-Stream was the one from our 3rd Endurance race at the Deutschlandring, which is still a blast to watch.

Social Media

Besides of the above we have a Facebook site, which get not much attention from our side, but has 344 followers, cause of the website news which get posted on Facebook automatically.
Also an unused Twitch Channel, an equally unused Instagram Account and some other cool things which I might have forgotten.


We opened our own THR Shop on 12/21/2022.
The idea behind the store was to send prizes to our championship winners / participants.

Since the opening we have donated 37 prices to our members and on top of that sold around 25 products.
It doesn't sound like much 😉 but those who have ordered are very satisfied with the quality of the products.

If you plan to buy something and need help with it:

Special Thanks

I want to send out a very special thank you to the members of the Orga - Group.
margar, Flashor, Flow, franglais and Valentin.
I appreciate our meetings and the decisions we make.
You take work from me and you also support in balancing, track testing and many other things.
You are a great help for me!!!

I would also like to thank the members of THR Race Control. A few weeks ago we have changed our format, which reduces your workload significantely.
It's great that you guys took and still take the job so seriously!

A special thanks also to Evgeny for creating such great THR videos last year.
I have watched the cinematic a dozen times and I am really looking forward to the cinematic about the F1 1991 championship!

And I bet I forgot to mention other supporters.
Therefore, I thank everyone who has supported THR's work.

The most important part of THR > YOU

But the most important thing is the community that has grown up around THR.

Thank you all for being members of THR and for making THR what it is!

It is also nice to see, that you help each other in Discord and that you respect each other.
I appreciate that very much!

I would also like to thank those who have made a donation via Paypal or started to be a Patreon of THR!
That's phenomenal!

Your [THR] pitman

Full Length GP at FUJI

We plan to celebrate the 5th anniversary with a full length GP over 65 laps at the FUJI Speedway.

3DRAP is so kind to offer THR a Mod 312 Wheel, which we will raffle short after race end.
(Eligible to participate in the raffle were all drivers who finished the 5th Anniversary Race and had already raced in at least 4 Main Events of THR.)

THRs 5th Endurance Race

And in January we will have our 4th Endurance race (6hrs at Le Mans) featuring the biggest and most anticipated Mod AC has to offer in 2023.