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Welcome to the THR Academy

As announced last night, we want to start a new series in THR today.

New members are joining THR constantly, cause they love vintage content as much as we do.
But some of them don't feel ready to compete directly in our championships.

That's why THR is now offering a THR Academy Series that anyone can join.

The goal of the series is to learn how to master vintage cars on iconic tracks.
The experienced members are invited to support the series and its drivers.

Questions can be asked in this Discord channel: #thr-acadamy
In this channel we also provide setups and discuss about what you want to learn.
This can be advise from experienced drivers, sharing driving techniques, best practices, practice methods, reference material, etc.

Both the Academy and the series are new.
And that's why we're taking the opportunity to try out something completely new for THR:

In the last few days I have registered our THR community at

The look and feel is unfortunately not yet adapted to THR, but I have already submitted our graphics.
I also created the first races of the THR Academy Series.

You can register via the following link:

The registration is done via your Steam account and you will be asked for the following Discord password:

After the registration you can book your slot for each race, by selecting the car and skin.
(unfortunately does not offer custom skins at them moment)

The event format is:
10 min Practice
20 min Qualifying
30 min Race

If you like to practice the car/track combination before, you can use our server THR |3|.
To join you need this password:

The THR Academy is under construction.
It is possible that not everything will run smoothly at the beginning, but we will develop.

I wish us all a lot of fun and success.
THR pitman

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