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Easter Break

Our drivers have voted at short notice that they would like to have a break from our Championship races over Easter.

As a replacement race we organize the Alfa Romeo GTAM at Silverstone 75.

Silverstone 75 Version 0.5:

THR layout - Improvements made by THR pitman:

  • pitboxes added
  • realistic road mesh
  • sticky fence at chicane fixed
  • shortcuts closed
  • 3d people added in the pits
  • spectators added to the stands and the infield

Alfa Romeo GTAM

We wish all drivers who participate in the Alfa race a lot of fun.

To those who want to use the break, we wish you a nice weekend with your families.

And to those who would have liked to run the F1 75 championship race, we really apologize for the last minute change. (Next year we will consider Easter in our championship plannings.)

Server THR |1| is open for testing
Server THR |5| is open for qualifying laps

Register your slot here: (There is no skill gate, so everyone can participate.)

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