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Finally, we can race again at 60s Watkins Glen.

[THR] is privileged to have @SergioLoro as a member.

A few months ago I told him that we wanted to run a GPL Throwback Championship.
I told him that among other things we will drive his two tracks Zandvoort and Rouen and that the only track we are missing is Watkins Glen.

The track was already available for AC, but unfortunately hardly drivable because it was very bumpy.
I asked Sergio if he could fix the surface. He looked at the track and said it was too much work.
Before I could be sad about it, he quickly added that he would like to build the track completely himself.

And in line with our racing calendar, the track is now ready for us to race on.

60s Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen was in the original Grand Prix Legends back in the days.
I loved the track back then and have always missed it in AC.
So I was really happy when I did some laps on it in the last days.

Watkins Glen is finally back and in perfect Sergio Loro quality.

Phenomenal! Thank you very much @SergioLoro

P.S.: I have set up our Servers THR | 1 | and THR | 2 | with the TCL and GPL cars at Watkins Glen.

Also the registration for both championship raceweekends is open for you:

The current stage of the track can be downloaded here:

The final version will be released on Sergios page:

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