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ACL GTR – 2.4 Hours of Daytona

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, THR will do 2 celebration races.

Part Two is the race with the ACL GTR Mod at Daytona Road Course.
We will race a 24 hours race with driver swap compressed in 2.4 hours.

Some Information from Wikipedia

The first 24 Hour event in 1966 was won by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby driving a Ford Mk. II. 
Motor Sport reported: "For their first 24-hour race the basic organization was good, but the various officials in many cases were out of touch, childish and lacked the professional touch which one now finds at Watkins Glen."

After having lost in 1966 at Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans to the Fords, the Ferrari P series prototypes staged a 1–2–3 side-by-side parade finish at the banked finish line in 1967.
The Ferrari 365 GTB/4 road car was given the unofficial name Ferrari Daytona in celebration of this victory.

What you need to know for our race

cars (made by Bazza)

We race the ACL GTR MOD 3.0 from Bazza.
You can find the cars and additional information here:

  • BMW CSL 3.0
  • Corvette 1969
  • Detomaso Pantera Gr4
  • Ferrari 365 GTB S3
  • Ford Capri RS3100
  • Jaguar Broadspeed XJ12C
  • Nissan GT-R 2000
  • Porsche 906
  • Porsche 911 RSR 1973
  • Porsche RSR 74
  • Shelby Daytona

[THR] skinpack

We have tons of beautiful custom skins from our members.
You can find and download them here:
If you want to make your own skin and race it in THR races, have a look here:

You can also check our channel #skin_upload in our Discord.


Daytona - Road Course [THR]

race weekend

Qualifying on Saturday - 2020-12-19 | 20UTC | 120 minutes
Note for registered teams:
Only one teammember can be in the car at the same time. That's why qualifying was extended to 120 minutes.

Race on Sunday - 2020-12-20 | 21UTC | 2.4 hours

There will be no restart. Start carefully!

Driver Swap

  1. Driver one drives into the pit lane and comes to a stop in their pit box (they need to be in the correct pit box, if they are not the team will receive the harshest configured penalty)
  2. Driver one disconnects from the server, initiating the timer
  3. Driver two waits for driver one to have fully disconnected
  4. Driver two connects to the server
  5. On loading driver two will see a countdown at the top of their screen in a banner, and in the chat
  6. Driver two can now apply car setup options if necessary
  7. When the timer reaches zero driver two is free to leave the pits

Driver swaps currently reset all vehicle damage, fuel status etc. There is no way around this that we know of.

  • Minimum Driver Swap Time: 180 seconds
    - Minimum time for a driver swap, used to avoid giving users with faster computers an advantage.
    - If a driver sets off before the minimum time during a Driver Swap, they will be given a penalty equal to the number of seconds left in the countdown plus 5 seconds. The penalty will be applied after the race.
  • Minimum Number of Driver Swaps: 1
    - The number of swaps that a driver must complete. If they do not complete the required number of stops [Solo Drivers], they get penalised by 160 seconds. The penalty will be applied after the race.

racing with a team mate

It is a great experience to race this 2.4 hour race as a team, but it is also allowed to race Solo.

Racing as a Team
As a team, you have to swap the drivers.
Normally it makes sense to do this in the middle of the race.

If you want to register as a team you have to put in your name like "pitman+Duderei".
And both Steam GUIDS like "76.....;76......". (seperated by a semicolon)

Racing Solo
You can register as usually.
You don´t have to do a driver swap pitstop.
Just race your race, but keep in mind that there is a time penalty about 200 seconds which will be added in the results after the race.

moved start/finish line

If you wonder about the moved start/finish line:
It has to be done, in order to make the driver swap work.


It is a difficult taks for the AC Apps to show the correct gaps between the drivers. (I read that it is impossible without special scripted server plugins.)

During the race you should find information about positions and gaps here.
We hope that they are correct, but even the Developer of ServerManager was unsure.

We try to scan the earned penalties and post them in #drivers chat and/or announce them via voice chat.


You have to register your slot for the celebration race at Monza:
You can choose car and skin during the registration.


The Qualifying on Saturday and the Race on Sunday will be held on 
The practice sessions during the week on one of the other servers.

THR | 1 | Tarnhorn Racing |
THR | 2 |OTHR | 3 |THR | 4 |THR | RACE |

The server is set to 100% fuel and 75% damage.


Read our rules page here:


Our main communication channel is our Discord Server.
Please follow: in a new window
Or just click the button in the right menu.

best wishes

We wish you some really good, intense and exciting races over the next weeks!