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Nordschleife – the green hell

Let´s do something big 😉
We will race the Norschleife 67 on next weekend.

The server is set up already.
Feel free to join, train and show your racing skill in the middle of Germany.

event infos:

THR | Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 MOD community |
password: no server password
max number of racers: 24
cars: GPL MOD
track: Nürburgring - Norschleife 1965

THR skinpack: (It is mandatory cause of the TV Crew Van)
Install it before next weekends races.

event date: 
SUNDAYS 2019-10 - 25+26+27
Start at 20 UTC each day!

Book your slot:

In a loop (Qualifying > 15 minutes, Race 1 > 20 minutes, Race 2 > 20 minutes with reversed starting grid).
We drive as long, as there are drivers on track.

Time Zone Converter for 20:00 UTC: