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THR Affiliates – Motivation

I think the community liked the winner shirt and the one for the fairest driver we gave away for the Daytona race.

But to be able to do something like this more often, we need some income.

On the one hand we have various monthly costs:

  • server
  • website
  • shop
  • And I myself have recently invested in the streaming computer and the necessary licenses.

On the other hand we have the paypal donations and now and then a sold shirt from our shop.

Beyond that, I see more costs coming in the future:

  • Moving from a rented virtual server to our own physical server.
  • Adding more new racing sims.
  • The ServerManager may also be monetized at some point.
  • And so on.

I want [THR] to be prepared for this and become more "independent."

So I looked at how other communities do it:
There are sometimes monthly fees or entry fees for championships, or big calls to reach donation goals.

But I don't want that for [THR].

Therefore I had the idea to use partner programs.

On the above page I have set up a few partners.

We don't ask you to buy anything to support THR, but if you want to buy something anyway, it would be great if you open the shops via our THR affiliate links.

There is no disadvantage for you, because you order normally.
For THR there is an advantage, as a small commission is paid per purchase.

If you support us this way, we can reinvest the money in [THR].

Thank you very much in advance!