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race weekend 6/6 - Hockenheim 60s


Hockenheim Highlight Reel by Gerard Clementine

live stream from sundays races by Jonah Hax

important information from before the race weekend

You have to book your slot for each weekend with this form:

  • Choose wisley, cause you block your chosen spots.
  • Due to technical reasons (google forms) the booking will close on 19UTC each race day. So, don't wait to long to book your spot.

THR | Tarnhorn Racing GPL67 MOD Community |
password: no server password
max number of racers: 24
cars: Every GPL-Car from the GPL v2.20 mod.
(Link can be found on #installation )
track: Hockenheim 60s (by Sergio Loro)
(Link can be found on #tracks)
skinpack: 1.76 (It is mandatory cause of the implemented TV Crew Van)
Install it before next weekends races.

event date: 2019-05 - 24+25+26 (Friday to Sunday)

race weekend:
We race on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Start will be at 20 UTC each day.

  • First: a practice session over 10 minutes
  • Second: a qualifying over 15 minutes
  • Third: a race over 20 minutes (normal starting grid)
  • Fourth: a race over 20 minutes (reversed starting grid)

There will be no restart. Start carefully!
If you want to finish first, you have to finish first...

Any information about race weekends, booking, driver and team championship, THR skin pack and tracks can be found here:
READ IT! You will find the answers to your questions!

Current standings and detailed results about each reace weekend can be found via the menu of our website:

time zone converter for 20:00 UTC: