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THR Time Attacks during Christmas Break

It was a bit cold on May 28, 1983, when Stefan Bellof competed for the qualifying of the ADAC 1000-kilometer race at the Nürburgring as part of the sports car world championship.

His car: The Porsche 956 K with the chassis number 007; first equipped with 13-inch wide rims on the front axle. More camber and modified steering levers ensure better steering behavior.
A distance of 20.835 kilometers per lap was to be mastered at that time. Less than 2 km shorter than usual. Due to the new construction of the Grand Prix circuit and the pit system, a connector with a short pit lane behind grandstand T13 was created.
No one guessed that on that weekend a record would be set, which would stand more than 35 years later.
After becoming World Champion of Drivers in 1959 and 60, at the wheel of the revolutionaries Cooper-Climax, Jack Brabham joined with his countryman, engineer and race cars designer Ron Tauranac, to found, in 1960, the Motor Racing Developments Ltd.
The MRD presented its first car, a Formula Junior, in the next summer, and quickly evolved to become a great builder of competition cars for customers.

In 1962 Jack Brabham left Cooper to drive his team's cars and MRD presented its first F1, BT3 (BT from Brabham-Tauranac). Ron designed the cars and Jack drived and developed them.

The former Formula 1 driver Jochen Mass ends his qualifying with a time of 6:16.850 min, as one of the last drivers Stefan Bellof starts on his lap.
Bellof does the unthinkable in a Werksporsche, a fabulous time of 6:11.13 min, 5 sec faster than teammate Mass. The reigning Formula One World Champion Keke Rosberg, even takes half a minute longer on his tour of the Green Hell.
Bellof was at an average speed of 202 km / h - faster than any racer before. Despite two small mistakes, as he would then say, typically relaxed.
In 1966 Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme, participated in 19 races, 10 of which were of the F1 World Championship, having won 6 and allowed Jack Brabham to win, in 1966, his third Drivers' Championship and the first title of Constructors for the brand.
Jack Brabham was also, and until today, the only driver to win a race and a F1 World Championship at the wheel of a car with his name.

6: 11,13 MIN

Date: May 28, 1983
Driver: Stefan Bellof
Vehicle: Porsche 956K chassis no. 007
Lap length: 20.832 km
Lap time: 6:11,13 min
Average speed: 202 km / h

Races: 21
Wins: 3
Podiums: 12
Poles: 0
Fastest Laps: 1
Constructors Championship: 1 (1967)
Drivers Championships: 1 (1967) Denny Hulme
In the race on Sunday, the second Werksporsche with Jacky Ickx and Jochen Mass crossed the finish line as the winner.

Stefan Bellof had to park his Porsche in the section Pflanzgarten after an
accident in lap 19. He made a looping and his car came to rest at what is called the Bellof-S since 2013..

Since this record, the history of Stefan Bellof and the history of the Nordschleife are inseparable.
In 1967 Brabham introduced the BT24, which was more compact and lighter than its predecessors. It was powered by a new and lighter Repco engine, with a block manufactured by the brand and with the exhaust pipes positioned centrally, which allowed the engine to reach 330CV, and left more space for the rear suspension.
Taking advantage of the youth problems of the also new Lotus 49, Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme won 3 races and, for the brand, the World Championship, with Hulme overtaking his colleague and boss to win his only driver.
Bellof´s record stood for 35 years until the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo broke it.
But the 6:11.13 is still the fastest laptime driven in an official event.

Can you beat Bellof´s time?
The Brabham BT24 never drove at Fonteny, but we chose the car because despite winning the titles in 1967, it is chanceless in the GPL mod and therefore mostly ignored.

Will you master the car/track combination best?