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Weekday Races

Wednesday sees new races at THR. CAR and TRACK decided by you.

These will be run, just for fun, no points, just bragging rights.

Races will be, a 20 minute qualifying session, and two 15 minute races, qualifying will start at 19:40 UTC.
A practice server will be running for a week before the event on server THR 3, the race will also take place on server THR 3.

To parcitipate you have to register via this link:

If you have an idea for a fun event, write it in the #wkdy-race-ideas channel in THR Discord and post the ideas using the same format as the pinned post.

Flashor, who is organizing the WKDY races, is collecting the ideas and creates a poll in #polls.
With a simple click on the Reactions you can vote for your favorites.

The winning combination (car/track) will then be hosted on THR 3 the following Wednesday.

Flashor will inform you about it in the #drivers-chat.

We wish you exciting races and a lot of fun!