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We have a champion!

first [THR] championship has come to and end...

With our last race weekend on Hockenheimring we finish our first [THR] championship.

And the winner of the driver championship is:

Thomas [1st]

He raced like an Alien and has won the championship with ease. (312 points)

Ted [2nd]

Ted was way to fast for most of us and deserves P2. (283 points)

pitman [3rd]

pitman was able to claim most podium finishes, which led to P3. (274 points)

Certificates for all racers can be found here!

We had some position changes after the last race weekend.

Ted and pitman had 223 points before the races in Hockenheim.
While Ted raced two brilliant races, pitman made a mistake in race 2 and was a little bit unlucky in race one. So with his enormous speed, Ted was able to get Championship Position 2 easily...

Willian Knoll, was very fast, too. He had 212 points after race weekend 5 and with the maximum outcome of 60 points he did everything to claim P3 from pitman. But cause of the fact, that the worst result of the 6 race weekends were deleted from every racers record, pitman was able to defend P3 by one point.

On the following positions we had some battles and changes, too:

final positions !!!
positions after race weekend 5

team championship

The podium in the team championship is as follows:

1st - Tarnhorn Racing (Duderei + pitman) with 470 points.
2nd - Knob Racing (fry + Harry) with 399,5 points.
3rd - Hough Rennsport Schule (Pocket Sized + Ted Hough) with 375 points.


We had some thrilling and exhausting races over the past 6 weeks!

Tarnhorn Racing wants to thank all participants of our first [THR] championship.

Special thanks to Ted for his brilliant track guides, Jonah for his superb live streams and Gerard Clementine for his fine movies...

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