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1 hour GPL race at Feldbergring

information before the raceweekend

You have to book your slot for each weekend with this form:

  • Choose wisley, cause you block your chosen spots.
  • Due to technical reasons (google forms) the booking will close on 2030UTC each race day. So, don't wait to long to book your spot.

Server 1:
THR | Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 MOD community |
Server 2:
THR | Tarnhorn Racing | Special Event | 

password: no server password
max number of racers: 24
cars: Every GPL-Car from the GPL v2.20 mod.
Link and detailed information on the installation can be found on:
Our GPL 67 Mod Page
track: Feldbergring (Fat-Alfie)


event date:
2020-03 - 07+08+09 (Friday to Sunday)
Start will be at 21 UTC each day.

race weekend:

  • Friday: Pickup Funrace | THR Server 2
  • Saturday: 67 GPL-Mod > Practice Races | THR Server 1
  • Sunday: 67 GPL-Mod > Official Race | THR Server 1

Schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

  • First: a qualifying over 20 minutes
  • Second: a race over 60 minutes

There will be no restart. Start carefully!

Time Zone Converter for 21:00 UTC:

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