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Technoluddite´s race images

21:00 UTC, Friday, On the Practice server, No booking
21:00 UTC, Saturday, Practice race, On the race server, Booking
21:00 UTC, Sunday, Points race, On the race server, Booking

Please stay in the same classes as you picked for the first race, but feel free to change cars within that class.

Class 1: Mustang, 2000GT, Healey
Class 2: Everything else from the 60s pack

If you cant remember, I put them below 🙂

Duderei         1
Technoluddite   1
vegaguy         1
Ether           1
pitman          1
octavio67       1
MonSpaNur       1
Franglais       1

Ted Hough       2
Nat_Stevenson   2
Willian         2
Harry           2
Simon Meisinger 2
dalbi14         2
JirkaS          2
Bo Stamper      2
kuanza          2
klopstick       2


Practice server

Race server

All mods are on this site.

Good racing and have fun!

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