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[THR] Special Event

Porsche 917/30 at Monza 1966

information before the raceweekend

You have to register for each weekend with this form:
Register your spot for the races

THR | 2 | Tarnhorn Racing | GPL67 community 
password: no server password
max number of racers: 30
cars: Porsche 917/30 (Kunos Car)
track: Monza 1966 Road (Kunos Track)

event date:
2020-06 - 13+14 (Saturday to Sunday)
Start will be at 20 UTC each day.

race weekend:

Schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

  • Practice: 15 minutes (The server will be up at 1945UTC.)
  • Qualifiying: 20 minutes
  • Race: 20 minutes
  • Race 2: 20 minutes (Reversed Grid)

There will be no restart. Start carefully!

Time Zone Converter for 20:00 UTC:

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