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Waffles is champion!

Congratulations to Waffles who won his first THR championship.

Only in the last race on Norisring he was not able to end the race on P1.
But all over all he and his BMW M1 were the best combination in our 3 week DRM cup.

In todays last race technical issues played a great role.
Pitman racing on P2 had a disconnect in lap 6 and Valentin had a problem with his shifter while being on P1.

In the End Duderei won the race, in front of Waffles and Muesli.

Congratulations to all finishers.

The DRM cup was a pleasure!

According to feedback from the drivers, most of them would be happy about another championship with the DRM cars.

Eventually we will set up a championship, which will be driven on Friday evening.

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