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Onto the upcoming GPL-Races in Monaco

We all know that ServerManager caused a lot of trouble during our TCL races in Monaco.

I already wrote that I am disappointed and that I want to say Sorry to every participant.

I tried to find a solution within the limits the ServerManager has.

Therefore I have configured a new Championship which only includes the GPL races in Monaco of the upcoming weekend.

That means:

You have to register your spot for this weekend, by following this link:

There are 32 pitboxes in Monaco and at the moment we have 30 slots available.
So, don´t wait to long to register your slot.

But keep in mind that you block your chosen spots. If you are not able to race, please don´t register.

Within the championship I have configured an "event" with Q20, R20 and R20 with reversed grid.

An event means, that you don´t have to leave and rejoin the server.

If everything works as it should, we can organize the further race weekends the same way.

If something does not work during our practice races on Saturday, I can set up a "race weekend" within the Championship for Sunday.
Leave and rejoin between sessions will be necessary then, but it may work better than the "event"…

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