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The “real” thing was a real thing!

On last Sunday [THR] held his first celebration race around it´s second anniversary.

We drove the GPL Mod at Monza 1966. Instead of doing two 20 Minute races, we raced 68 laps like they did back in 1967.

It was the first full distance race in THR history. And it was a blast.

That was awesome. Crazy!

pitman right after he crossed the finish line.

We saw great performances and many fights for positions over the most of the 68 laps.

Every participant did a really good job. Only at the start we faced a technical failure at Joni Lindholms car, which cause a bit of trouble in the field.

Mac Sheperd started from last position and was still able to win the race.
As mentioned by herself, she benefited from the start crash, as she was able to make up many positions directly. But of course many fast and good laps were also responsible for the victory.

Duderei had a really good Qualifying, which was held on Saturday and started the race on P2, which helped him to stay out of trouble right at the start. He raced also pretty fast and battled with Nat and Mac for his positions. At the end he was able to finish on P2.

pitman started the race from 6th place on the grid. Unfortunately, the damaged car of Joni Lindholm was in front of him.
Due to this incident he dropped back to position 12 and fought his way forward in the progress of the 68 laps.
In the last 8 laps pitman fought with Nat Stevenson for 3rd place and both overtook each other 9 times. The spectators got their money's worth and in the end pitman secured the third place.

The podium of the GPL - 68 laps at Monza

Mac Shepherd

There are many untold stories from this race. But the spectators got their money's worth.
Congratulations to the winner, the podium finishers and every participant of this great experience!

Detailed Race Results

Live Stream from Race and Qualifying

Some differences between F1 in 1967 and our THR race

F1 1967THR 2020
Race Total Time1:43:45.001:40:07.800
Fastest Lap Time1:28,501:27.095

We were faster cause of the MOD which could not be 100% correct.
The other reason is that we were more risk-taking, because we didn't have to fear bad injuries or death in case of accidents.

Participants agreed that we should continue such long races in the future.
Maybe we will take this into account for our next championships.

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