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Championship Prizes

Hey THR.

We're about to complete our two long championships with the TCL and GPL races at Mexico 1967 in the next two weeks.

THR would like to offer one prize per championship.
And the prizes will be products from our shop.

I was thinking that it's good for the community if many people have the chance to win a prize.

Therefore, I will spin a wheel of fortune after our Sunday´s races at Mexico.

The categories will be:

  • Championship Winner
  • best custom skin (User vote)
  • Racer with most podiums beside the Championship Winner
  • most starts in Practice and Championship races
  • fairest driver (User vote)
  • each participant with at least 6 Championship races

I am not sure if we can deliver to all the countries of the possible winners.
But we'll see.

So stay tuned to Voice Chat (Discord) after the races tomorrow and next week...

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