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THR wins the duel against VAC

Last Sunday we raced the long awaited duel race against the VAC community.

27 drivers fought for the victory in this team competition.
We drove a 1 hour race at the Deutschlandring in the AC GTL Mod cars.

The race was very fair, there were hardly any accidents and it was clear to see that experienced sim racers were dueling here.

Many thanks to the VAC community for the great fight.
And of course many thanks to all THR drivers who participated in the race for us and ensured the victory with their super performance!

At the end THR managed to get a clear victory. Yay!

4 THR drivers in the first 4 places and a total of 10 THR drivers among the first 14 drivers saved the victory.
Emil showed an outstanding performance and finished the race with a clear victory.
Lukas, Valentin and margar followed on the next places and had a distance of less than one second to each other at the finish.

Directly after the race we were challenged by the guys from VAC for a rematch.
We gladly accept the invitation and we are always ready for upcoming duels.

Detailed Race Results

Live Broadcast from the versus race

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