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Incidents in THR Races

In our races there are incidents from time to time.

For uncleared incidents that happen in our main races on Sunday there is an Incident Review.

As you all know, the incidents that happen in the first lap are reviewed by THR Race Control and then posted in the #incident-review channel.

After that, drivers can discuss the cases or give feedback if they are affected themselves.

THR Race Control takes the discussion and feedback and decides on possible penalties for those involved based on our rules and penalty catalog.

Afterwards the penalty points will be deducted from the total points of the relevant championship.

  • To support the learning process, the penalty points are also added to a penalty account per driver.
  • If a driver reaches 6 penalty points, he has to start from the pit on the next race weekend of the same championship. (If there are two races on that race day, this applies to both races).
  • The penalty points will be deleted after 3 race days in the same championship without any new penalty.

I would like to point out that every affected driver can report incidents that happen in later laps.

How this works is described here.

The following workflow gives an impression:

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