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Championship and lottery winners

The last two championships have been completed, and looking at our bank balance, we have decided that we can again award prizes to our community.

In the AC GTL championship Emil Andersson won the title.
Since it is his first THR championship, he will receive a product from our THR shop.

I have already informed him and hope that he will post a photo when he has received the prize.

The F1 championship was dominated and won by Maddie Shepherd. Because Maddie has already received a prize for her last championship title, I agreed with her that the prize would be awarded by lottery.

Participants of the lottery are all drivers who have driven at least 5 races in the F1 championship.
In this case these are:

  • margar17
  • Jack Q
  • Rolf Biber
  • EE
  • Natan Veksler
  • Flashor
  • Xoran

The wheel of fortune spun on Sunday after our DTM race and was broadcasted via Discord.

And the winner is Jack Q!

I have talked to him and his prize is also on it´s way to him.

Many thanks to each participant in the championships.

And also many thanks to every Paypal-Donater and Patreon who makes this possible!

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