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WKDY Races – Maserati 250F at Bremgarten

After a one-week delay, the next weekday-race is finally here.

The famous Maserati 250F on an old, almost forgotten beauty of a track called Bremgarten. Made by the legendary map-maker Fat-Alfie, this 7km long track is a dangerous high speed, power circuit were you drive through fast & tricky corners while blasting through the forest and past a quarry mine.

Bremgarten was part of the F1 Championship up until 1954. In 1955 the Swiss government banned motor racing, due to the Le Mans disaster, and that led to cancelling the event for the 1955 season. Sadly, Bremgarten was abandoned after that and is lost to history now.

The Maserati 250F was race car that was built between 1954-1958 and used until 1960. The 250F won it’s debut race at the hands of Fangio. Fangio won his 5th Championship on a 250F and that legendary drive at the German Grand Prix in 1957.

While testing, this combination turned out to be pretty awesome and will 100% lend itself to some intense battles. The 250F was surprisingly controllable under power and a whole lot of fun to blast around the beautiful Bremgarten! If your looking for a fast, fun and friendly race then join us!

Please use the emojis in the #thr-wkdy-events channel to show if you want to participate in this race.

Promo Trailer made by Greg

• THR server 4
• Password: can be found in our Discord
• Server start: 19:40 UTC 18th August
• Qualifying: 20 Mins
• Race: 2 x 15 Mins

• Damage: 75%
• Tyre Wear: 100 %
• Fuel Use: 100 %

Live Stream from our wkdy races

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