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WKDY Races – NASCAR 90s at Daytona

Genleman start your engines!!!


We do it again.

In this weekdays race we race the 90s NASCARs at Daytona.

But this time we use Real Penalty instead of OSRW.
We choosed the same track, cause you are used to it and we can compare the apps over both races.

And we will have a saftey car driver this time.
Flashor signed up for the job.

Promo Trailer made by Greg

This is what you need to race with us:


Safety Car:


Real Penalty:

Real Penalty is an App which needs to be installed on every Client PC.
The app offers the possibility to have Rolling Starts, a Safety car, Speed Limit in the Pits, a penalty system and much more.

You have to download and install RealPenalty.
After installation you have to enable it in AC/ContentManager.
check Real Penalty

Important information for the race:

Rolling Start:
When the normal AC lights go out, the Safety Car (Flashor) drives into the front row and starts the formation lap.
All cars stay in starting formation with a speed not faster than 150 km/h.
It is not allowed to pass the car in front or the safety car.

At the end of the first lap the Safety Car enters the pit.
A red indicator shows that you are short before the start of the race.
When you cross the start-/finish line the indicator turns to green and we can Go Full Throttle.

There are no automated penalties for speeding during a rolling start.
But if you overtake the car in front, it can be reported and punished.

Safety Car:
During the race, situations may arise in which a safety car is deployed.
A yellow indicator show you that we are in a Safety Car situation.

The cars slow down and it is not allowed to overtake the cars in front.

The Safety Car (Flashor) enters the track.

When you approach the safety car:

  • if you are not the leader of the race, overtake the safety car (but don´t overtake cars in front)
  • if you are the leader, stay behind the safety car

When the field is in formation, Flashor decides to go back into the pits.

A grey indicator shows that he enters the pit at the end of the current lap.
When the drivers reach the star-finish line a green indicator pops up and signals that it is allowed to go full throttle again.

There are no automated penalties for speeding during a safety car situation.
But if you overtake the car in front, it can be reported and punished.

Pitlane Speed Limit:
In the pitlane you have to be slower than 80 km/h. If you are faster, you receive a penalty.

Based on your speeding you can receive different penalties.

  • Drive Through > just drive through the pitlane, but be careful to not earn a new pitlane speeding penalty
  • Stop and Go > Stop somewhere in the pitlane (not in your pitbox) and wait until the countdown is cleared
  • Investigation after the race

The penalties have to be cleared within the next 2 laps.

If you don't clear a penalty or receive it in the last lap, the penalty time will be added by the admin after the race.

• THR server 4
• Password: can be found in our Discord #thr-wkdy-events channel
• Server start: 19:40 UTC 08th September
• Fixed Setup
• OSRW Test 5 Mins
• Qualifying: 20 Mins
• Race: 2 x 30 Mins
• Mandatory PitStop

• Damage: 0%
• Tyre Wear: 100 %
• Fuel Use: 100 %

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