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What´s up next?

I'm sure you're wondering what's next and this is what we're going to do with you:

Actually it was our plan to be one of the first communities to start a championship with Bazza's new AC GTC Legends mod next weekend.
But the mod is still in development and we have to wait a little longer for the release.

In the meantime we will do the following.

On Sunday we will start with a 3 week Ford GT 40 Cup. We will see some a American road courses and race at Watkins Glen, Riverside and Sebring.

In alternate weeks we will run a 9 week GPL Championship.

We have added the following tracks to the GPL calendar:
Monza, Zandvoort, Bremgarten, Watkins Glen, Spa, Mexico, Deutschlandring.

The attentive reader will notice that I have only mentioned 7 tracks.

The 2 missing tracks will be selected by the community.
One track can be voted by all members and another one by our THR Patreons.
I will create polls for this.

Hopefully when the GT 40 Cup is finished we can start the AC GT Legends Championship.
If the mod is not available then, we will think of something else.

On 12/12 and 12/19 we will pause the two championships to run two THR 3 year anniversary races.

  • Race 1 will be a GPL Full length GP in Kyalami.
  • Race 2 will be a Team Race where two racers will have to team up.
    (For the race we are still thinking about track and cars.)

After that we will have a short winter break and then finish the two championships.

What do you think, that sounds good for now, doesn't it?

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