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The full length Grand Prix was a blast

On last Sunday [THR] held his first celebration race around it´s third anniversary.

We drove the GPL Mod at Kyalami 1967. Instead of doing a nomal 60 Minute race (like we are used,to) , we raced 80 laps like they did back in 1967.

It was the second full distance race in THR history. And it was a blast.

What a race...
That was great, but really exhausting!

pitman right after crossing the finish line.

We saw great performances and many fights for positions over the most of the 80 laps.

Every participant did a really good job. We only had two smaller incidents in the first lap and the stream looks amazing, with these many cars.

The top had a good start into the race and Simone outpaced margar and pitman was able to overtake Davide.

On lap 5, margar went alongside Simone on the start-finish straight and passed him into the first turn.
At the beginning of lap 28, Mark Zeidler was 4.5 seconds ahead of margar, but was unlucky when he hit a car, which was a lap down and spun in T1. Mark lost several positions.

Flashor put pressure on pitman, but pitman was able to escape that and settled his fourth place.
However, pitman could not stop the car of Mark Zeidler, who then overtook him again and regained third place.

The podium of the GPL - 68 laps at Monza

Simone Porcu
Mark Zeidler

There are many untold stories from this race. But the spectators got their money's worth.
Congratulations to the winner, the podium finishers and every participant of this great experience!

Prize for the winner of the race

For winning the 3rd anniversary celebration race, Margar will receive a product from our shop!
I will reach out to him in the next days.

Detailed Race Results

Live Stream from Race and Qualifying

Some differences between F1 in 1967 and our THR race

F1 1967THR 2020
Race Total Time2:05:45.901:43:12.230
Fastest Lap Time1:29,901:16.490

We were faster cause of the MOD which could not be 100% correct.
The other reason is that we were more risk-taking, because we didn't have to fear bad injuries or death in case of accidents.

Thank you!

Many thanks to every participant.
It was a great way to celebrate THR´s 3rd anniversary and we will have the next full length GP when we turn 4 years old!

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