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The Time Attacks have come to an end

Between December 21, 2022 and January, 8, 2023 THR held two time trial events during its Christmas Break.

The Bellof Challenge

The first time trial event was held at the Nordschleife track using the Porsche 962C. The event attracted a total of 33 participants who were eager to set fast lap times on the iconic German circuit, driving a total of stunning 401 laps.

The Nordschleife is known for its demanding layout and unforgiving conditions, making it a true test of both driver ability and car setup. The track, which is located in the beautiful Eifel region of Germany, features over 20 kilometers of winding tarmac and more than 170 turns.
As the participants took to the virtual track, the competition was fierce and the lap times were close. In the end, it was Jayden HW who came out on top, setting a time of 6:05.783 to secure first place on the podium. In second place was meisterJäger, who finished just over five seconds behind the leader with a time of 6:10.964. Rounding out the podium was Felix789, who posted a time of 6:11.762.

The times set by the top finishers were quite impressive, evermore so it is worth noting that the first two drivers were even able to beat the Stefan Bellof's iconic lap from 1983. Bellof's record, which stands at an unbelievable 6:11.13, had been considered unbeatable for a long time, but these virtual racers proved that anything is possible with skill and determination.

The Brabham Challenge

The second time trial event was held on the Fonteny track with the 1967 F1 championship winning car Brabham BT24.

A total of 20 drivers participated in the event, driving a total of 172 laps. The top three finishers were separated by around 15 seconds. In the end, it was meisterJäger who took the top spot, setting a time of 8:20.660. In second place was Pete Bondurant, who finished with a time of 8:27.282, while Guayando rounded out the podium with a time of 8:36.534.
The Fonteny track is a 26km loop of real roads located in the French countryside of the Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan. It features a mix of fast straights, technical corners, and undulating hills, making it a challenging and diverse circuit, which tests a driver's versatility and car control skills. It's a true test of a driver's ability and requires a well-rounded approach to be successful.
The track is known for its challenging layout and varied terrain, which tests a driver's versatility and car control skills - a truly rewarding track. All finishers of this event proved that they have what it takes to excel on this demanding circuit.

Congratulations to all participants and especially to the podium finishers of both events.
We hope the events brought to you some racing variaty during the usually very quiet holiday season.

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