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F1 70 Championship at Zandvoort- Race Weekend 5/13


T Muttram
Jake Feimster
Tyler van Beek

Qualifying Results
Detailed Race Results

Race Report

Welcome to Zandvoort, the iconic track that has been a favorite among racers since its opening in 1948. Yesterday, we took a trip back in time to 1970, as the THR Vintage Simracing Community hosted a race at this legendary circuit. The community drove the Formula 1970 cars, which gave us an exciting and challenging race.

The qualifying session saw Florian Masse claim pole position with an impressive lap time of 01:16.1200, closely followed by Simone Porcu (who drove over 600 laps during the qualifiyng week) and T Muttram in second and third positions, respectively.

As the race began, the roar of the engines echoed across the track, and the drivers made their way towards the first corner. Masse got off to a good start and stayed in the lead. In the following 20 laps, Masse and Muttram fought for position one and due to there different setups Masse faced troubles with his tyres much earlier. After an exciting battle T Muttram, overtook Masse in the Hugenholtzbocht.

Meanwhile, Florian Masse suffered a setback after he decided to get new tyers from the pits and had to settle for sixth place, while Simone Porcu and Elia Porcu had a close battle for the second position, with Jake Feimster, Tyler Van Beek, and Carlo Pedersoli not far behind.

As the laps went by, Muttram continued to lead the race, setting an impressive pace and extending his lead. Feimster and Van Beek also showed impressive pace, steadily moving up the field and challenging the Porcu brothers for the podium positions.

In the end, it was T Muttram who crossed the finish line first, after 46 laps of intense racing. He took the checkered flag with a time of 01:00:49.7820, having led for 25 of the race's laps. Feimster finished in second place, 18.602 seconds behind Muttram, with Van Beek claiming the final podium position, a further 17.136 seconds behind Feimster.

Carlo Pedersoli and Pitman completed the top five, while Florian Masse finished in sixth place after experiencing some issues with his car. It was a thrilling and exciting race, showcasing the skills and dedication of the THR Vintage Simracing Community.

Zandvoort, with its fast and flowing corners, proved to be an ideal setting for this vintage race, and the Formula 1970 cars were perfectly suited to the track. With such a talented group of drivers, the race was always going to be an exciting affair, and it certainly lived up to expectations. Congratulations to T Muttram on his well-deserved victory and to all the drivers who participated in this fantastic event.

Live stream from the race

Quotes from our members race reports

What an amazing battle! 30 minutes of nose to tail battling until I finally got into a position to make a pass stick.
Around the outside of Tarzan none the less!

Tim Muttram

what a nightmare this race was… Congrats @Tim you managed your setup and the race perfectly

Florian Masse

Puh, that was the hardest race since a long time.
I have headaches since yesterday and it was so difficult to stay concentrated under this conditions.
I am glad that I was able to finish (on P5) with the dead tyres.


I really enjoyed how the tires behaved towards the end of the race.

Simon Meisinger

Congrats to the winners and podium finishers of the race!

And many thanks to every participant. It was a pleasure to have you on track!
(There are some open incidents which might inflict the results afterwards.)

The detailed standings (including the given penalties) can be found here:

For more information about the Championship itself follow this link:
F1 1970 Championship

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