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This weekend THR hosts the sixth Race Weekend of the Formula 1970 championship

We travel from the Netherlands to France and enter the famous trackside of the Le Mans Circuit.
But we don´t race the full circuit.

Instead we race the awesome Bugatti Circuit made by our member @Phil Noobson#4636 .

The Bugatti Circuit is a permanent race track located within Circuit des 24 Heures and named after Ettore Bugatti. It was constructed in 1965 with a length of 4.185 km and uses a part of the larger circuit and a separate, purpose-built section. The circuit was used for the 1967 French Grand Prix, though it would prove to be the only time the Formula One World Championship would use the circuit. Therefore the lap record is a 1:36.700 min by Graham Hill in a Lotus 49.
The circuit still exists and is the current host of the French motorcycle Grand Prix.

@Phil Noobson says:

I wanted to drive the full 1967 f1 Championship but the Bugatti Circuit was the only track missing. So I asked WooChoo if he is planning to make this layout for his "Le Mans 1967" track. He said no but gave me permission to try to make it.
I started research and learned a little blender (thanks to Blender Guru and LilSki for the great youtube tutorials and the whole forum).
My claim was to put as much love in it as possible with blender skills close to zero.

Contrary to this reserved assessment, the track turned out great.
Many thanks for the many hours you have invested in this project.
Let´s celebrate Phil´s Bugatti!

More info can be found in the #f70-announcements channel in our THR Discord:

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