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Time Attacks during Winter Break

"THR's Winter of Speed: A Duel of Legends - Chaparral 2F at Spa 1967 and Cooper T81B at Feldbergring"

As the winter season blankets the world in snow and serenity, THR enters the Winter Break, but gears up for an exhilarating showcase of historical prowess and competitive spirit. We proudly announce not one, but two Time Attack challenges, each an ode to a legendary chapter in motorsport history.

Chaparral 2F at Spa 1967: A Journey Through Aerodynamic Revolution - SERVER THR7

First up is the Chaparral 2F at the Spa circuit, precisely as it was in 1967. The Chaparral 2F, crafted by Jim Hall and Hap Sharp, is a symbol of innovative racing design. In its only season, it left an indelible mark on motorsport history, especially with its victory at the BOAC 500. The Chaparral 2F is renowned for its aerodynamic innovations, most notably its groundbreaking rear wing. This feature was a significant step forward in racing car design, influencing even Formula One teams.

Jim Hall's genius in aerodynamics began with the Chaparral 2 and evolved through successive models, culminating in the 2F's advanced design. It boasted a powerful Chevrolet "Porcupine" 427 big-block V8 engine and a pioneering fiberglass semi-monocoque chassis. Despite challenges in its racing journey, the 2F's legacy in motorsport is unassailable.

Participants will race this historical gem on the 1967 layout of the Spa circuit, known for its fast corners and dramatic elevation changes. This Time Attack is more than a race; it's a tribute to a car and a circuit that have both played pivotal roles in the evolution of motorsport.

Cooper T81B at Feldbergring: Reliving the Glory of Formula One's Past - SERVER THR8

The second challenge features the Cooper T81B at the legendary Feldbergring. The T81B, a lighter variant of the Cooper T81, debuted in the 1967 Formula One season. With a Maserati V12 engine and a Hewland 5-speed gearbox, it was a force to be reckoned with. Piloted by drivers like Jochen Rindt, Richard Attwood, and Jacky Ickx, the T81B made its mark with several notable finishes.

The Cooper T81 series represents the end of an era, as it was the last Cooper car to clinch a World Championship Grand Prix before the team's closure. Racing the T81B at the Feldbergring is not just about testing speed and skill; it's about connecting with a storied past, where every turn and straightaway brought new challenges and triumphs.

The Feldbergring, with its rich history in both automobile and motorcycle racing, presents a unique backdrop for our Time Attack. Once the host of massive crowds and legendary racers, the circuit is a fitting venue to relive the excitement and competition of motorsport's golden age.

Join the Duel of Legends

This winter, THR invites you to be a part of these historic Time Attacks. Whether you're guiding the aerodynamically advanced Chaparral 2F through the twists and turns of Spa 1967, or pushing the limits of the Cooper T81B on the challenging Feldbergring, you're not just racing against time. You're racing through history, paying homage to the legends who shaped motorsport into what it is today.

So, rev up your engines, and prepare for a winter filled with speed, history, and the spirit of racing. THR's Winter of Speed is not just a celebration of racing; it's a journey back in time to the glorious days of motorsport. Let's race into history!

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