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Marcus Jäger Triumphs in THR’s Winter of Speed Time Attacks

As the chill of winter settles in, the racing community at THR has been ablaze with the competitive spirit, courtesy of the "Winter of Speed: A Duel of Legends" Time Attack series. This thrilling event featured two iconic cars: the Chaparral 2F at the Spa 1967 circuit and the Cooper T81B at Feldbergring, both embodying chapters of motorsport's storied past.

Marcus Jäger, a name synonymous with skill and speed in THR's racing circles, has emerged victorious in both challenges. In the WING Challenge, Jäger maneuvered the Chaparral 2F, a beacon of aerodynamic revolution, to a stunning 3:35.135 at Spa. Following this, he showcased his versatility at the Feldbergring, piloting the Cooper T81B, a relic of Formula One's glorious past, to a time of 3:41.478 in the PURE Challenge.

These Time Attacks were held concurrently with the testing for the upcoming endurance race, creating a unique scenario. The majority of drivers focused on acquainting themselves with the endurance cars, clocking an impressive 60,000 km in test runs. This scenario presented a challenge, dividing the drivers' focus and time. However, a few, including Jäger, managed to excel in the Time Attacks while also preparing for the endurance event.

Jäger's achievement is particularly noteworthy, as he has consistently delivered top-tier performances in previous Time Attacks. This dual victory in the "Winter of Speed" series further cements his reputation as a formidable competitor in THR's racing events.

As we extend our heartiest congratulations to Marcus Jäger for this exceptional accomplishment, it's also a moment to reflect on the essence of these Time Attacks. They are not just races against the clock; they are tributes to the cars and circuits that have shaped the history of motorsport. Participants in these events are not just racers; they are custodians of racing history, honoring the legacy of legends with every lap.

In conclusion, THR's "Winter of Speed" has been more than a showcase of speed and skill. It has been a celebration of motorsport's rich history, and Marcus Jäger's victories stand as a testament to the enduring spirit of competition and reverence for racing's past.

WING Challenge - Chaparral 2F at Spa

PURE Challenge - Cooper T81B at Feldbergring

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