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30 minutes until our Endurance Race

The Qualifying is in the books.
The official Qualifying Results can be found in our THR-Endurance-Infoboard:

3 topics short before race start:

Live Broadcast

English Broadcast:
Many thanks to @piratelaserbeam @kingkodiak1980 from Syndicate Motorsports for stepping in at the last second and taking over the English Broadcast.
If you want to be live on Youtube for an Interview, please just enter the Stage channel and raise your hand.

German Broadcast:
Also many thanks to Dennis Manojlovic & Guido Wille (first 3h) and Sebastian Gerhart & Florian Maak (second 3h) from Virtual Racing for hosting the German Broadcast.
Special thanks to Gero from Virtual Racing who gave us the opportunity to use their capable Streaming machine!
Falls ihr ein Interview geben wollt, dann begebt Euch in den "Interview Warteraum"
Die Kommentatoren werden Euch dann in den Channel für den Livestream ziehen.

Support THR
If you would like to help cover our costs a little, or simply like what we have put together here for you, then we would be happy about a Paypal donation :Paypal: :

Or you might become a THR Patreon :Patreon: :

Affiliate Links
Another way to support THR is using our Affiliate Links.
You can find them here:

A new addition is Pimax, who asked me a few days ago if we would like to become an affiliate partner.
You can find the details in the channel linked above.

I (and the whole Orga Team) whish you all a great experience, a great race and a lot of fun.
See you on track!

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